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Coaching, comments, analysis and more – players’ careers after retirement ensure a happy ending – Technology News, Firstpost

In the world of professional gaming, players spend hours every day trying to improve their skills in the hope of becoming the best. Nevertheless, the average retirement age among players under 30 remains. In recent years, big money has become part of game tournaments with games like Dota 2 with prize pools in the millions.

Every professional player starts with the dream of getting to the top and getting their hands on these lucrative prize pools, but the sad truth is that most of them never succeed. In addition to the young retirement age, another factor to consider is that each game has an expiration date after which the sponsors switch to a newer and more successful game.

You just have to look back a few years and we see that there are games like Newerth Heroes (SHARPEN). The game was extremely popular and a direct rival to one of the most cash-earning sports today. Dota 2. However, the game today is nothing more than part of the story. All of HONE̵

7;s top players have moved in Dota 2 or another similar eSport.

This brings us to the question of whether a player should work so hard for a low chance of success that may never occur and retire until the age of 30. Do they really have no prospects or future to speak of when they retire?

    Coaching, comments, analysis and more - players' careers after retirement ensure a happy ending

While early retirement is quite common among players, a flood of post-retirement opportunities ensures a secure future.

The gaming industry has evolved over the past decade, and players have far more career opportunities after retiring. The most common options for professional gamers after retirement are streaming, coaching, management roles in gaming organizations, or working as analysts and commentators.

Streaming has become an extremely lucrative option for those who can gain a dedicated audience base in recent years. Most professional players become heroes for their fans, and when they retire, fans see it as a huge loss to the community. Given the extreme loyalty that many fans show, during their time on the competition stage, players themselves begin to promote a career in streaming.

This helps them build their fan base. In certain cases, such as that of Henrik ‘AdmiralBulldog’ Ahnberg, an equally successful career is possible after retirement. AdmiralBulldog is a former top player from the world of Dota 2 who, after winning the game’s most prestigious tournament known as “The International” (TI) in 2013, has become one of the most popular streamers and personalities in the United States Dota 2 Community. Today he is no longer an active player. Instead, he focuses on a career in streaming.

Coaching is a role that is in high demand in traditional sports. As the world of professional gaming and sports follows a similar path, the need for coaches is becoming increasingly clear. Almost every team in the world of eSports has a dedicated trainer today.

This also applies to teams owned by players who are not under the banner of another organization. These coaches are often players who have reached an age when they no longer have the reflexes they had during their heyday. However, their knowledge and understanding of the game has become sharper and they are therefore able to analyze games and give useful tips to players.

Most of the coaches hired by top teams are players who showed an exceptional understanding of the game during their time in the competition phase. Even players who have difficulty getting to the top can find coaching jobs to help younger players and potential future talents improve their in-game skills. There is also the option for players to hold private coaching sessions. Many fans of the game take the game very seriously and have therefore decided to use the services of former professional players for private coaching sessions to improve their skills.

Gaming organizations are an extremely important part of the industry. These organizations hire top players and allow them to follow their passion. Today there are several large organizations like Evil Geniuses or Team Liquid that hire players for several different eSports.

The players supported by these organizations are among the best talents in their respective games, and it is common for them to win tournaments and top the rankings. The organizations often help players accomplish multiple tasks. This includes providing them with a coach and employees who take on the logistics for the team. This means that the players can only concentrate on their game. Many players after their retirement look for roles in such organizations, even players who do not make it to the top of the profession have the chance to be recruited for management or logistics roles in these organizations. In some cases, it is even possible for a player to become an organization partner at the time of retirement.

Analysts and commentators are an integral part of every tournament in eSports. During the game, it is helpful for viewers if an expert guides them through the game and helps them understand what the important factors are and where they need to focus. Analysts are responsible for breaking down all decisions made in the game to understand why players made certain decisions.

Analysts are hired for tournaments in eSports just like in traditional sports. They focus on analyzing the strategies after the game and what possible strategies could have been used instead. For both jobs, one person must have a good understanding of the game. For this reason, retired players are rated very positively for these jobs.

Outside of these standard post-retirement jobs, there are several other options for a player. It is possible for a player to switch to a newer game with a smaller competition group. This allows players to extend their careers a little longer during the competition phase. In many cases, new games take some time to fully establish themselves in the gaming community. So when a well-known player shows willingness to try out the game, companies are often very friendly, as this helps to involve each player’s fans in their game.

As in all areas that seem to force early retirement among professionals, there are always some who defy logic and can go far beyond their contemporaries at the highest levels of their profession.

The two most notable examples that come to mind in this regard are Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis and Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg. Both players have reached the age of 32 and are still active in their eSports. Fear in the world of Dota 2 has been nicknamed “Old Man Dota” for many years. f0rest, on the other hand, is one of the most successful players in the world from Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) and has shown no signs of cognitive decline despite his relatively advanced age.

These examples help us to understand that early retirement is not set in stone for the world of eSports. If you can maintain a high standard of gameplay, it is possible to extend your career further. With all of these options available to players, the question now is why we still live in a world that’s about growing up, burning out, retiring young.

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