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Contents of the PS5 box reveal PlayStation 5 accessories and hardware

Some new information from a trusted source reveals the contents of the PS5 box ̵

1; at least for Hong Kong – including PlayStation 5 hardware and accessories.

A new distributor image revealed that PlayStation 5 Pre-release boxed content, including PS5 hardware and accessories, that will come with the console when next-gen consumers can purchase them later this year. The PS5 remains a highly anticipated device, though some of the momentum it built with savvy, measured revelations has been threatened by the burgeoning wave of information from the Xbox Series X, which the Microsoft console as a vastly improved one Variant of the brand has established.

The biggest thing consumers want to know remains the PS5 price, especially for the cheapest variant of the console at launch. Xbox struck first and struck hard, with an expected price of $ 499 for the Xbox Series X – and a price tag of $ 299 for the Xbox Series S, which while no surprise due to leaks, is attractive to next-generation buyers stays on a budget. If there is too big a gap between the price points of the PS5 and the prices already set by Microsoft, it could be the start of a dramatic shift in base install numbers after launch – although the PlayStation brand has dominated for so long, it is likely a lot of consumers who are Do the console family, which has delivered so many great exclusive products in this generation, remains faced with slight product premiums.

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It’s not a price point, but it’s more information, and those interested in purchasing the PS5 now have a rough idea of ​​what they’ll get on day one thanks to new distributor info from Daniel Ahmad. Ahmad has published many different stories from the video game industry, and while the contents of the PlayStation 5 box aren’t exactly the most exciting, it’s at least interesting for fans thirsting for more information. According to the distributor image – which also includes PS5 model numbers – both the regular and digital editions of the PS5 hardware and accessories pack will be a DualSense wireless controller, a base station, an HDMI cable, a power cord, a USB cable and contain an instruction manual.

It’s standard tariff, but there’s a notable absence – there’s no PS5 audio device at all, whether it’s headphones or earbuds. It’s also interesting to note that some fans were expecting the digital edition of the PS5 to be included extra Accessories, but so far that doesn’t seem to be the case. As Ahmad does on his Twitter thread, it is important to note that this is based on a distributor in Hong Kong. Therefore, there’s a good chance the PS5 accessories and hardware included in the PlayStation 5 box will vary slightly depending on the region.

Unfortunately, the new distributor information doesn’t include any really enticing information like price points, release date, or even what the PS5 box looks like. For this reason, consumers appear to have to wait for Sony to pull the curtain back on the PlayStation 5, accessories, hardware and everything – presumably soon, based on current developments in the Xbox Series X family.

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The PlayStation 5 publishes Holiday 2020.

Source: Daniel Ahmad / Twitter

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