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Control snafu shows how a publisher struggles with next generation upgrades

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Last month, 505 Games announced that “unfortunately it is not possible to offer an upgrade path to everyone” [console] control Gamers’ for PlayStation 5 and / or Xbox Series S / X improvements. Today, however, an obvious temporary snafu shows how easy such a free upgrade could be for many control At least players on systems of the current generation.

As reported in a long ResetEra thread, some players who have previously purchased this have control The Digital Deluxe Edition for PS4 was surprised last night they owned that too control Ultimate edition. This new version includes the base game, the DLC and the season pass and is the one who “take”

;[s] take full advantage of the performance and features of these new consoles, “said 505 Games.

However, within a few hours, those same players discovered that their ownership of the Ultimate Edition had been revoked and reverted to the current generation Digital Deluxe Edition. This version does not receive any hardware-specific improvements when played on next-generation consoles.

505 Games did not respond to Ars Technica’s request for comment regarding the apparent snafu (which may have been caused by a simple data entry error on the PlayStation Store). However, the temporary upgrade shows how easy it would be to offer many a free next-generation console upgrade control Owner.

It’s not that surprising at all. Many other publishers – including Bethesda, Ubisoft and EA – have promised that their recent and / or upcoming PS4 and Xbox One versions will include free upgrades to the corresponding next-generation console version. Microsoft is pushing its “Smart Delivery” system to automate this process for the Xbox S and X series.

What is the problem?

However, 505 insisted on providing a similar free upgrade for control is too difficult. “While it is difficult to bring a game to next-generation platforms, we quickly realized that it is even more difficult to update our current user base to the next generation with our years of game across platforms,” ​​the company wrote in a blog post last year Month.

Each upgrade path 505, the company said, “meant that at least one group of players was banned from upgrading for various reasons. To this day, we cannot upgrade everyone and leave a group.” out feels unfair. We understand you don’t want to hear that. “

This can be technically true in certain situations. If you bought control For consoles of the current generation on discs, for example, this version would not be compatible with the Xbox Series S or the Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5. Both versions do not have the required drive to confirm ownership. Players who have purchased disc incompatible hardware would likely be aware of this problem.

The game’s expansion packs also make things a little more difficult. Give players the basic version of control a free Ultimate edition Upgrading would essentially mean giving these players free access to the game’s current and upcoming expansions. And since the complete “Ultimate Edition” is the only version that 505 is developing for next-generation consoles, it is impossible, according to the company, to offer separate upgrades for base games and extensions.

However, as a Snafu highlight last night, none of these issues count for players who bought the Digital Deluxe Edition of controlwhich also includes a full DLC season pass. The same upgrade could also be made available to players who bought the base game and season pass separately (on disc or digitally) without too much hassle (players who bought current add-ons à la carte may not be logistically lucky).

Instead, all of these players will have to pay $ 39.99 to upgrade a year-long game to new hardware. Those who don’t can continue to play their current versions of the game control about backward compatibility, but the promised “enhanced experience” in this case will be less pronounced than the fuller remaster of the next generation Ultimate Edition.

It is a confusing situation, made all the more confusing as 505 insists that she cannot give everyone Who bought control a free upgrade, Nobody should get a free upgrade. We’ll keep an eye out to see if other publishers are similarly flat during what may be the most complicated console generation transition of all time.

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