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Coronavirus updates: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been reported to be stable, with US deaths reaching 10,000


Medical workers are preparing to test people in Hayward, California for the coronavirus.

James Martin / CNET

For the latest news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, see the WHO website.

The Coronavirus pandemic changed life all over the world . Health systems are trying to control the virus, and governments are taking strict social distance measures to smooth the curve. The situation is constantly evolving as COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, spreads rapidly.

CNET has followed the outbreak since it was first attributed to a novel corona virus in early January. We have put together answers to basic questions ways to protect yourself and others where you can block and advice for can stay healthy and entertained at home for a long time.

The latest developments in the daily outbreak of the coronavirus are listed below.

7. April

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reported to be stable.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson remained stable overnight and is in a good mood after going to intensive care unit on Monday, according to the BBC, who quoted a Downing Street spokesman. He receives "normal" oxygen treatment and no pneumonia was diagnosed.

6. April

Boris Johnson in intensive care unit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was transferred to the intensive care unit at 10 Downing Street on Monday evening. Foreign Minister Dominic Raab will be represented on his behalf if required by the Prime Minister.

"Since Sunday evening, the Prime Minister at St. Thomas' Hospital in London has been under the care of doctors," said the spokesman. "During the afternoon, the prime minister's condition deteriorated and he was transferred to the hospital's intensive care unit on the advice of his medical team."

President Donald Trump wished the Prime Minister his best wishes during his daily press conference.

"The Americans are all praying for his recovery," said Trump. "He was a really good friend. He was really very special, very strong – determined, he doesn't give up, doesn't give up."

US deaths hit 10,000

Coronavirus deaths in the US exceeded 10,000, according to John Hopkins tracking numbers. On Monday at 11:30 a.m. (PT), the COVID 19 deaths in the U.S. were 10,335, with 347,000 cases nationwide. For comparison: there are 16,523 in Italy, 13,169 in Spain, 8,093 in France, 5,383 in Great Britain, 3,739 in Iran and 3,335 in China.

Israel is blocked

A nationwide block will begin in Israel on Tuesday through April 10th. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also imposed a 6:00 p.m. ban. until 7 a.m. curfew on April 8 to ensure that people stay home for the Seder when the Passover begins at sunset.

Social distancing can work

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a top infectious disease expert and a member of the Coronavirus Task Force, offered some hope in the fight against coronavirus at the White House press conference on Monday. He said the extraordinary social detachment measures Americans have taken seem to be having an impact as hotspots like New York City could soon peak in infections and deaths. He cited Governor Andrew Cuomo, who noted Monday that the number of hospitalizations and intensive care admissions has gradually decreased over the past three days.

"Everyone who knows me knows I'm conservative about projections," he said. "But these are the good signs you're looking for."

Nevertheless, Fauci warned against "winning the race prematurely". But he said these reductions could mean more good news is on the way.

"That's the first thing you see when you start to see the turnaround," he said.

He added that "despite all the suffering and death, what has happened has worked, what we did".

When American life could return to normal, Fauci said that it is unlikely until there is a vaccine that is widely available. He added that the return to regular social functions must be gradual.

During the press conference, President Trump said the United States has completed 1.7 million tests for coronavirus in the United States. This number is significantly higher than on Friday, when 1.4 million tests were completed.

5. April

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is hospitalized.

Ten days after the positive COVID-19 test. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was taken to a hospital for testing, his office said. His doctor advised him to go after he showed "persistent symptoms". His apartment secretary told the BBC that Johnson "still has a lot of government responsibility" after spending the night in hospital.

April 4

In the United States, social distancing makes a difference

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said during a White House briefing that mitigation efforts such as social distancing help the country. "As sobering and difficult as it is, we make a difference," said Fauci.

In the meantime, disease control and prevention centers have started testing for antibodies to determine whether healthy people have previously had the coronavirus, the New York Times reported. The tests could help the agency better understand the virus and its distribution, indicating how widespread the virus was and whether a significant number of people had it without actually getting sick, the Times said. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 exceeded 305,000 on Saturday afternoon in the Pacific, with more than 8,000 deaths. This is apparent from the virus tracking dashboard put together by researchers at Johns Hopkins University.

Shifts in Europe

Spain has left Italy as the European country with the largest number of coronavirus infections: 124,870 Spanish cases compared to 124,630 Italian infections from Saturday afternoon onwards in the Pacific, according to the Hopkins tracking tool. Spain said it will extend its nationwide ban until April 25. In the meantime, some officials in Italy are considering the idea of ​​measuring viral antibodies in human blood when it is finally time to decide who can leave the lock and return to work, The New York Times reports. Such antibodies are a possible sign of immunity.

On Saturday, the authorities in Italy, the first country in Europe to announce a nationwide ban, announced on March 9 that the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care units in hospitals had dropped for the first time, a positive sign. France also had some good news: the rate of coronavirus ICU admission has slowed. However, the country's director general for health urged people to "stay at home to save lives" and said, "now is not the time to relax." Across the Channel, the UK reported that 708 coronavirus deaths had occurred overnight, a record for the country.

3. April

CDC recommends masks that are worn outdoors at all times.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that states people wear a mask when they were outside their homes President Trump announced on Friday afternoon. The CDC says that people should use a simple cloth or fabric mask that can be washed and reused, and leave medical or surgical masks for health workers. But Trump emphasized that it is a voluntary recommendation and that he does not want to wear one.

"With the masks, it will really be a voluntary thing … I choose not to do it," Trump said. "It may be good, probably good … maybe I'll change my mind."

The news follows that residents of Colorado and Pennsylvania are asked to wear non-medical masks when out of the house on Friday, including at grocery stores. Both states said N95 and paper masks should be left over for medical personnel. The Mayors of New York City and Los Angeles made the same recommendation.

Meanwhile, California Governor Gavin Newsom warned that the peak of coronavirus cases in California will occur in the first weeks of May based on current modeling.

1.4 million tests conducted in the United States

Trump added during Friday's briefing that he was leaving home state orders to the governor of each state. Vice President Mike Pence said the task force continues to target outbreaks in Detroit, Chicago. Boston and New Orleans, as well as in New York, New Jersey and Maryland. According to Pence, coronavirus treatment is free for everyone in the United States, and 1.4 million tests have been performed across the country. Trump has also invoked the Defense Production Act to ban the export of medical devices to other countries.

The federal economic stimulus payment will be paid directly into millions of bank accounts by April 15, the Ministry of Finance said. However, according to the Associated Press, people without direct deposit information may not be paid until mid-August or later.

2. April

The Americans are not doing enough to smooth the curve.

Social distancing effectively prevents new coronavirus cases, but Some Americans do not take the President's guidelines seriously The White House warned Thursday. This could lead to further outbreaks and make it more difficult to keep the virus at bay, an expert said. Therefore, it is essential for people to stay away from others so as not to get sick.

Dr. Deborah Birx, a doctor who advised administration during the COVID-19 pandemic, found that the curve that shows infection over time in parts of the United States was steep, indicating that the coronavirus was not under control is. This is because not everyone follows recommendations to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people, stay at least one meter apart, and wash your hands. People who are now getting sick got infected after the U.S. issued these guidelines, Birx said.

"We are all trying to protect each other and we have to adapt to the new reality we are in now," she added. "Trying really, really hard for the next 28 days … will make a huge difference."

The USA will probably recommend everyone to wear masks.

Currently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say members of the public are not required to wear face masks unless they are sick or care for someone who is sick. However, many outbreaks and infections are caused by people who are infected but show no symptoms.

Vice President Mike Pence said that new guidelines for wearing masks could be released in the next few days. It is likely that the new recommendation says that everyone outside of their homes should wear cloth masks, whether they are sick or not. At the same time, people wearing masks should take the same precautions and social distancing steps as if they were not wearing masks.

The President will announce plans to pay for uninsured coronavirus patient care on Friday.

The White House has refused to reopen registration for Obamacare health insurance to help people pay medical bills without going bankrupt. Instead, Pence said Thursday that President Trump would soon announce plans to reimburse hospitals directly for the costs of uninsured coronavirus patients. The money is likely to come from a $ 100 billion fund set up to help hospitals during the pandemic, Pence said. He said Trump would make a decision on the plan on Friday.

Global coronavirus cases exceed 1 million

Coronavirus cases have reached the milestone of 1 million worldwide, with more than 50,000 deaths worldwide. The United States has the highest number of deaths with over 236,000, while Italy has the highest number of deaths with almost 14,000.

Trump Cites Defense Production Law

In addition to applying legislation last week to force GM to manufacture ventilators, Trump has announced the law's appeal to ensure that manufacturers like General Electric, Hill -Rom, Medtronic, ResMed and Royal Philips and Vyaire Medical can "provide the care they need to build the ventilators they need to fight the virus." More than 100,000 ventilators are currently under construction or will be operational soon, Trump said during the briefing of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. 3M is also working on face masks under the Defense Production Act, and GM will begin producing ventilators "very soon", Trump added.

In the meantime, Trump again tested negatively on COVID-19 . On April 9, the IRS will begin distributing the CARES Act stimulus checks to U.S. taxpayers, according to the Washington Post, although some people have reportedly been able to wait until September. PayPal told NBC News that it was in talks with the US Treasury Department to help distribute the money .

New Unemployment Claims in the US Exceed 6.6 Million

New figures for seasonally adjusted first-time unemployment claims in the United States have grown tremendously in just one week. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a total of 6,648,000 Americans applied for unemployment insurance during the week ending March 28.

This number exceeds the record-breaking 3.3 million initial claims of the past week. And neither looks like the numbers from early March before the brunt of the pandemic hit the US economy. In the week ending March 14, the number of new claims was 282,000.

When the unemployment figures were released on Thursday morning, the number of US coronavirus cases had exceeded 216,000. And the number of deaths in the US had exceeded 5,100.

1. April


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Coronavirus Blocking: Why Social Distance Saves Lives


Other states announce ban as US cases reach 200,000.

from 2 p.m. PT, there have been more than 200,000 cases in the U.S.

31 March

The White House warns of a possible death toll in the United States.

Even with measures such as social distancing, 100,000 to 240,000 Americans could die from the coronavirus pandemic, as a model presented by the White House showed. However, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation model is based on data from Italy, New York and New Jersey that have experienced serious outbreaks and does not necessarily reflect what will happen elsewhere. "Models are only as good as the assumptions you put into them. If we get more data, enter them and that could change," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The bad projections would come true if major outbreaks occurred in large cities like Houston, Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles, said Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. "I don't think that will happen," she said, drawing on early positive developments in cities like Seattle and Los Angeles. Even in Italy "they are starting to turn the corner on new cases."

Despite social distancing that shows some positive results, President Trump warned that it would be "two or three very bad weeks". The U.S. government has nearly 10,000 ventilators, an important medical device for treating the breathing problems caused by COVID-19, but most are currently being held back. The government has sent 400 to Michigan, 300 to New Jersey, 150 to Louisiana and 50 to Connecticut, said Vice President Mike Pence. Another 450 are now being sent to New York and Illinois.

There are more deaths in the United States than in China.

There are more deaths in the United States, Italy, Spain, and France than in China, according to John Hopkins University and the Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center. As of 2:00 p.m. PT on March 31, Italy has 12,428 deaths; Spain with 8,269 deaths; the United States in 3,606 deaths; France with 3,532 deaths; and China in 3,309 deaths.

Apple is reportedly planning to pay hourly contractors.

Apple has committed to paying its hourly contract workers, according to the Wall Street Journal. This reportedly includes caretakers, bus drivers, and other campus workers who have been discontinued due to the spread of COVID-19.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo tests positive

Chris Cuomo, CNN anchor and brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, announced that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and that he was quarantined and working from his basement. "I'll do my shows from here," he wrote in a statement. "We will all overcome this by being smart and hard and united." Andrew Cuomo was a very visible figure in the crisis and Chris Cuomo covered the pandemic extensively in his daily Cuomo Prime Time news program.

PC sales double when people work from home.

PC sales have doubled last year, according to the analyst firm NPD Group. Computer monitor sales doubled, mouse and keyboard sales increased 10%, and notebook sales increased 10%. "Even though we're all stuck in our homes, on site, or in quarantine, the job requirements remain," said Stephen Baker, VP and industry advisor to NPDs Technology and Mobile. "The move from home has also given new life to the declining categories like web cameras."

30. March

States extend blocking regulations

With the guidelines on social distancing of the federal government, which were extended until the end of April, several states and districts have announced longer blocking measures for residents.

EPA: Do Not Rinse Wipes

To Prevent Line Clogging During Coronavirus, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is only asking people Flush toilet paper. "Avoidable toilet and sewage safeguards can pose a threat to human health and an additional challenge for our water suppliers," said the EPA. "Flushing anything other than toilet paper, including disinfectant wipes, can damage internal plumbing, local sewage systems, and sewage systems."

US Cross-Test Milestone

The United States tested 1 million samples for the corona virus and increased its testing capacity to 100,000 samples per day, US President Trump said at the White House daily meeting. The government also said that the U.S. has developed 20 different emergency test options and that Abbott Laboratories will begin shipping a rapid test tomorrow that can produce a positive result in just five minutes.

29. March

Federal guidelines extended to April 30

President Trump extended the federal guidelines on social distance until the end of next month. The guidelines encourage Americans who are older or have health conditions to stay at home, as well as anyone who is sick. The guidelines were published on March 16 and were originally intended to last 15 days.

Trump said last week that he would like to see people attending services on Easter April 12th. At a press conference announcing policy expansion, Trump said his comments on packing churches for the holidays were "an aspiration." Based on current models, he added, the termination of the guidelines could lead to a situation in which deaths decrease and then rise again. "We don't want that to happen," said Trump.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, supported the expanded guidelines, which are based on new models and show that 100,000 to 200,000 Americans could die from coronavirus.

28. March

No "quarantine" in the New York region

Earlier in the day Trump said he could impose a short "enforceable" travel quarantine including parts of New Jersey and Connecticut on the New York metropolitan area restrict travel from the area. But New York governor Andrew Cuomo said he had no talks with Trump about such a move.

Later on Saturday, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention instead issued a domestic travel advice requesting residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut not to travel for 14 days. This unusual move led Trump to Tweet that "quarantine will not be necessary".

Regardless, Cuomo said the death toll in the state had reached 728, with the total number of cases increasing over 52,000. New York City itself has over 29,000 cases with more than 500 deaths on Saturday morning, officials said. Cuomo also tweeted that New York would postpone its presidential election to June 23. It was originally set for April 28th.

Tragic New Milestones

Two days ago, the United States had 1,000 coronavirus deaths. On Saturday, that number exceeded 2,000. And a baby in Chicago was the first child in the U.S. to die from coronavirus, according to CNN.

The number of deaths in Italy was 10,000.

Ireland Says Stay Home

In Europe, Ireland has joined the list of countries issuing blocking orders. "You can buy groceries, attend medical appointments, and even exercise, but you are asked to do as little as possible," a government website says.

27. March

5-minute virus test approved by the FDA

Under an emergency approval, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved a coronavirus test that can deliver results in minutes. "You can get a positive result in five minutes and a negative result in 13 minutes. You can go to a clinic and literally get results while you're there," a Abbott Laboratories executive who developed the test told Reuters . Abbott said it is planned to distribute the test next week and increase production to 50,000 tests a day, the news agency reported. A week ago, the FDA approved a coronavirus test with a detection time of around 45 minutes.

US hits 100,000 cases

After surpassing China on Thursday, the US now has more than 100,000 COVID-19 cases. According to Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. will be in approximately 101,657 cases from 3:30 p.m. PT. Italy has overtaken China with 86,498 cases in the last 24 hours, compared to 81,897 in China.

More than 1,500 people were killed in the United States, more than 9,000 in Italy and almost 3,200 in China. According to the deadline, China is closing all of its theaters nationwide.

Trump Announces GM and Boeing

Trump Cited Defense Production Law to Force General Motors to Produce Respirators, He Said During a Corona Virus Task Force Briefing. It came after Trump tweeted earlier that GM "must now start manufacturing ventilators". After signing agreements with other private companies, Trump said there would be 100,000 more ventilators in the next 100 days – and said there would be none. Surplus units will be given to countries most in need around the world.

Boeing will also be there, producing thousands of plastic faceplates every week and delivering three planes to carry supplies, Trump said.

US House Passes $ 2 Trillion Stimulus Package

The House of Representatives Approved a $ 2 Trillion Aid to Respond to the Economic Consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The bill extends unemployment insurance, provides direct payments to many Americans, and includes hundreds of billions of dollars in loans to businesses, local governments, and state governments.

The law was passed with a vote by both parties. Trump later signed the Aid Act on Friday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus, his office said. The 55-year-old has had mild symptoms since Thursday, but will continue to be responsible for the government's response to the crisis, his office said.

"I am now self-isolating, but I will continue to video-conference the government's response as we fight this virus," said Johnson in a tweet of his video tribute to the UK's National Health Service .

British Health Minister Matt Hancock announced his positive test within a few hours .

26. March

Trump pushes for new guidelines as the United States leads the global cases

The United States now has around 82,400 most coronavirus cases worldwide surpassing China's 81,700. Trump called it "a tribute to our tests". Der Präsident sagte, er habe mit den Gouverneuren aller 50 Staaten und US-Territorien über seine Idee gesprochen, Landkreise als geringes, mittleres und hohes Risiko einzustufen, um die Leitlinien zur sozialen Distanzierung zu aktualisieren. "Unser Land muss wieder arbeiten", sagte er während eines Briefings der Coronavirus-Task Force des Weißen Hauses.

Trump sprach auch mit führenden Vertretern der G20-Welt, darunter Deutschland, Australien, Russland, China, Japan, Indien und Saudi-Arabien, sowie mit Organisationen wie der UNO, der Europäischen Kommission, der WHO, der Weltbank und der IMO, um zu erörtern, wie die einzelnen Länder vorgehen beschäftigen sich mit der Pandemie.

Die anfänglichen Arbeitslosenansprüche übertreffen alles in der Geschichte der USA.

Die ersten Arbeitslosenansprüche in den USA beliefen sich nach Angaben des US-Arbeitsministeriums in der Woche bis zum 21. März auf fast 3,3 Millionen .

"In der Woche bis zum 21. März betrug der Vorschuss für saisonbereinigte Erstanträge 3.283.000, ein Anstieg von 3.001.000 gegenüber dem revidierten Stand der Vorwoche", sagte das Arbeitsministerium. "Dies ist das höchste Niveau an saisonbereinigten Erstforderungen in der Geschichte der saisonbereinigten Serie. Das vorherige Hoch lag im Oktober 1982 bei 695.000."

 Arbeitslosen-Erstanträge-saisonbereinigt.png [19659143‹unemployment-initial-claims-seasonally-adjusted.png[19659144‹US Department of Labour

USA überschreiten 1.000 Todesfälle

Die Zahl der COVID-19-Todesfälle in den USA hat 1.046 erreicht, berichtete die Tracking-Site der Johns Hopkins University am Donnerstagmorgen, und die Zahl der Fälle hat 69.000 überschritten.

Weltweit hat die Zahl der Todesfälle 21.100 erreicht und die Zahl der Fälle hat 463.000 überschritten.

25. März

Der US-Senat verabschiedet am Mittwochabend ein 2-Billionen-Dollar-Konjunkturpaket

. Vier Senatoren fehlten, weil sie entweder positiv auf Coronavirus getestet wurden oder sich selbst isolieren. Das Haus könnte die Gesetzgebung diese Woche mit einer Stimme verabschieden, die es den Vertretern ermöglicht, sich vom Kapitol fernzuhalten, wenn die Angst vor Infektionen zunimmt. Laut CBS News beinhaltet das Paket:

  • Direktzahlungen von 1.200 USD an die meisten Erwachsenen mit einem Einkommen von bis zu 75.000 USD oder 2.400 USD für Paare mit einem Einkommen von bis zu 150.000 USD. Jedes unterhaltsberechtigte Kind erhöht den Betrag um 500 USD. Der Betrag sinkt für Personen mit einem Einkommen von mehr als 75.000 USD, und die Zahlungen für Personen über 99.000 USD werden gekürzt.
  • Erweitertes Arbeitslosengeld, das die maximale Leistung um 600 USD pro Woche erhöht und entlassenen Arbeitnehmern vier Monate lang ihren vollen Lohn bietet. Die Berechtigung wird auf unabhängige Auftragnehmer und Selbstständige ausgedehnt.
  • 130 Milliarden US-Dollar für Krankenhäuser.
  • Kredite in Höhe von Hunderten von Milliarden US-Dollar für Unternehmen sowie für Kommunal- und Landesregierungen.

Apple spendet weltweit Millionen weiterer Masken.

Apple-Chef Tim Cook gab ein Update zu den Bemühungen des Technologieriesen, der Welt durch COVID-19 zu helfen. Apple hat jetzt 10 Millionen Masken "beschafft, beschafft und spendet sie." an die medizinische Gemeinschaft in den Vereinigten Staaten. " Dies kommt zu "weiteren Millionen" hinzu, die an die am stärksten betroffenen europäischen Regionen gespendet wurden. "Unsere Einsatzteams helfen in Abstimmung mit Regierungen auf der ganzen Welt dabei, Masken aus unserer Lieferkette zu finden und zu kaufen", twitterte Cook.

In der Zwischenzeit stellt SpaceX von Elon Musk laut einem Bericht von CNBC Händedesinfektionsmittel und Gesichtsschutz her.

1 Million Kalifornier haben Arbeitslosigkeit angemeldet.

1 Million Kalifornier haben in den letzten 12 Tagen Arbeitslosigkeit angemeldet. sagte Gouverneur Gavin Newsom. Er fügte hinzu, Kalifornien habe jetzt 24,5 Millionen N95-Masken verteilt und 100 Millionen neue Masken bestellt. Newsom sicherte sich außerdem Zusagen von Wells Fargo, Citi, JPMorgan und der US Bank, für die nächsten 90 Tage auf Hypothekenzahlungen für vom Coronavirus betroffene Personen zu verzichten. Die Bank of America stimmte nur einem Zeitraum von 30 Tagen zu.

Prinz Charles testet in Schottland positive Selbstisolate.

Prinz Charles, der 71-jährige Erbe des britischen Throns, hat laut einem Sprecher der königlichen Familie positiv auf Coronavirus getestet. He's been "displaying mild symptoms" of COVID-19 but is otherwise in good health and working from home, his office said in a statement.

His wife, Camilla, has tested negative, and the couple is self-isolating at home in Scotland.

gettyimages-1205320565" height="0" width="1092" data-original="https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/1RKKaVA_9RFSuOfrcLjrPamaQqk=/1092x0/2020/03/25/40e4c265-1182-4179-bbe8-f45fdc7ed91b/gettyimages-1205320565.jpg"/></span><noscript><span><img src=

Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus and is displaying "mild" COVID-19 symptoms.

Andrew Matthews-WPA Pool/Getty Images

"It is not possible to ascertain from whom the Prince caught the virus owing to the high number of engagements he carried out in his public role during recent weeks," his office said.

Charles last saw his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on March 12, the BBC reported, but the 93-year-old British monarch "remains in good health."

March 24

Senate, White House agree on $2 trillion stimulus package

US senators and the White House reached a deal to deliver a nearly $2 trillion stimulus package, according to The New York Times. The stimulus bill is the largest in US history and is expected to provide financial aid to individuals as well as struggling businesses. A Senate vote is expected Wednesday.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are done. We have a deal," said Eric Ueland, White House legislative affairs director, at approximately 10 p.m. PT Tuesday.

The legislation, according to The Washington Post, will send many American adults $1,200 and children around $500. It will also boost small businesses with a $367 billion loan program, and hospitals are set to receive $150 billion in funding.

India in total lockdown

The Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, ordered the entire country — 1.3 billion people in total — to stay home for 21 days starting March 25. The extreme measures were announced late Tuesday, with Modi stating that "the only option is social distancing, to remain away from each other. There is no way out to escape from coronavirus besides this."

Worldwide cases are approaching 420,000, but India has so far reported just over 500 cases, with 10 deaths.

Apple donates 9 million masks

Vice President Mike Pence said 9 million masks have now been donated by Apple. The remarks came during a White House briefing Tuesday afternoon, where Trump added that coming soon to hospitals around the nation are medical supplies including 8 million respirators, 14 million masks, 2.4 million face shields, 1.9 million surgical gowns, 13.5 million gloves and more than 4,000 ventilators.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said randomized tests are being done on a number of drugs, which are "queueing up to go to clinical trial."

Trump hopes to have US open by Easter

During a town hall hosted by Fox News on Tuesday, President Trump said he would love to have the US "opened up and raring to go by Easter," which is on April 12. The president added that people will still have to practice social distancing, but reiterated that the cure cannot be worse than the problem.

"I gave it two weeks and we&#39;ll assess at that time," said Trump, referencing his 15-day timeline to slow the spread. "But we have to open this country up."

Speaking further on the Easter plan during the White House briefing Tuesday afternoon, Trump conceded that some sections of the country may have to be opened one at a time.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics postponed

The Olympic Games, originally set for this summer in Tokyo, have been postponed due to the coronavirus. In a joint statement Tuesday, the International Olympic Committee and Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee said the decision was made to protect athletes and everyone else involved in the sporting event.

The Games will be rescheduled to a date beyond 2020, but no later than summer 2021, said the IOC. The Olympic flame will remain in Japan, and event leaders say they hope it will serve as a "light at the end of the tunnel" for the world.

March 23

Trump says US will be open for business &#39;soon&#39;

During a White House briefing, President Trump said the US "wasn&#39;t built to be shut down," and he is hoping local data can be used to advise areas of when they can "cautiously" resume normal activities. "America will be open for business a lot sooner than three or four months," the president said. "We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself."

Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus task force coordinator, said self-collected nasal swabbing is going to be made available later this week at clinics and drive-through sites. Birx added around 250,000 people have been tested in the last week.

Trump is also pushing an anti-malaria drug to be used in coronavirus tests, saying distribution of the drug, hydroxychloroquine, will begin tomorrow in New York City. It follows NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo announcing Sunday the state will begin drug trials using 70,000 doses of Hydroxychloroquine, 10,000 doses of Zithromax and 750,000 doses of Chloroquine on Tuesday.

Also during the press conference, Attorney General William Barr said people hoarding essential medical supplies like face masks and hand sanitizer will "hear a knock at the door." New laws prohibit both hoarding and price gouging.

The UK is on lockdown

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a lockdown for the UK starting Monday night, with gatherings of more than two people banned unless they&#39;re from the same household, and all non-essential stores and most public places closing. People are allowed to leave home only for essential shopping, medical needs, one form of exercise per day and travel to and from work only when absolutely necessary.

"From this evening, I must give the British people a very simple instruction: You must stay at home," Johnson said. Visiting friends and family from other households is banned. Police have been given the power to enforce the new rules, including through fines and dispersing gatherings.

Five Florida spring breakers test positive

Five University of Tampa students have tested positive after traveling for spring break, the college tweeted. It comes after spring breakers in Florida were criticized last week for going ahead with their vacation plans and massing together at beaches despite social distancing guidelines and potential risk of contracting COVID-19.

Amazon to begin delivering test kits

Amazon will be delivering and picking up coronavirus test kits in Seattle, with the program part of the Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN) backed by the Gates Foundation. If a person tests positive after the test kit is analyzed, they will be contacted by a health care worker. "Responding to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 crisis must be a community effort and requires support from both the private and public sectors," Kristen Helton, director of Amazon Care, said. "We … are eager to leverage Amazon Care&#39;s infrastructure and logistics capabilities to support this local effort."

US surgeon general warns things will get worse

Dr. Jerome Adams, the US surgeon general, warned Monday that the coronavirus outbreak in the US will get worse before it gets better. "We really need everyone to understand this is serious, to lean into what they can do to flatten the curve," Adams told CBS This Morning. He added that it will be awhile before "life gets back to normal" and stressed that Americans must take steps "right now" to help stop the spread.

Congressman with coronavirus hospitalized

Utah Rep. Ben McAdams, who tested positive for COVID-19 last week, was hospitalized on Friday after experiencing a "severe shortness of breath." McAdams said Sunday that  he&#39;s feeling better and expects to be released once doctors determine it&#39;s appropriate. In his message, the Democratic congressman also urged people to follow advice from the CDC and Utah Department of Health to stop the spread of the virus.

March 22

Weinstein reportedly tests positive

Disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for COVID-19, according to a report by Deadline. Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison in March on sexual assault and rape charges and recently transferred to Wende Correctional Facility in New York. Deadline reports he has been placed in medical isolation, but public relations representatives of Weinstein have no knowledge of the positive diagnosis.

GameStop backflips on decision to stay open

Days after defending its decision to stay open during the coronavirus pandemic, claiming it was providing "essential retail," video game giant GameStop is closing stores to customers. It will allow curb-side pickups and continue to handle online orders.

"This is an unprecedented time and each day brings new information about the COVID-19 pandemic," George Sherman, GameStop&#39;s CEO, said in a press release announcing the change. "Our priority has been and continues to be on the well-being of our employees, customers and business partners."

Australian lockdown measures in place

The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, has announced that stricter lockdown measures will now be enforced and that the country&#39;s pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms and other "nonessential" services will be shut from midday on Monday, March 23. Morrison also requested all Australians stay home unless travel is essential.

"Those holidays that you may have been planning to take interstate over the school holidays are canceled," Morrison noted in a press briefing on March 22.   

Australia&#39;s states and territories have also begun closing borders and will enforce 14-day quarantines for any domestic travelers. South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory all announced any incoming travelers would be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival by air, land or sea.

Another sport gets postponed: Australian Rules Football

In light of the new lockdown measures in Australia, the Australian Football League — the country&#39;s preeminent professional sporting competition — has decided to postpone the season indefinitely. The AFL had planned to forge ahead with the first round of the season, playing in empty stadiums, but the new measures have made playing on untenable.

Gillon McLachlan, AFL CEO, said it would be an understatement to call the coronavirus pandemic "the most serious threat to our game in 100 years." At the earliest, the AFL will continue its season in June, but a decision on its fate will not be made until the end of April.

Rand Paul tests positive

Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican of Kentucky, has tested positive for coronavirus. In a tweet Sunday, Paul&#39;s account revealed the results and is in quarantine. According to the tweet, Paul is "asymptomatic and was tested out of an abundance of caution due to his extensive travel and events," with a followup tweet noting that his staff has been operating remotely and that he "expects to be back in the Senate after his quarantine period ends."

Paul is the first US senator to test positive for the virus.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in quarantine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has entered quarantine after being told that a doctor who gave her a pneumonia vaccine Friday has tested positive for coronavirus. According to the Associated Press, Merkel was put into quarantine shortly after a press conference on Sunday where she announced some "new measures to curb the spread of the virus." The country has added a ban on gatherings of more than two people in a bid to slow the pandemic.

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