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Coronavirus West Berkshire: Confirmed cases as of October 14th

The number of laboratory-confirmed coronavirus cases in West Berkshire is 754, an increase from 13 in the last 24 hours.

The latest official figures show that the total number of laboratory confirmed cases in the UK is now 654,644 while the daily number of laboratory confirmed cases is 19,724.

West Berkshire’s rate per 100,000 population is 475.9. The seven-day rolling rate per 100,000 population through October 9 is 48.6.

A map of the cases has been updated to show breakdowns in geographic statistical areas. The data shows the number of cases in the last seven days through the week ending October 9, the seven-day moving average, and the case rate versus the national average.

For example, in the seven days ending October 9, there were 1

0 cases in Hermitage and Cold Ash with a seven-day roll rate of 115.5 and a change of minus 23.1 percent.

The map can be viewed here

Daily reported Covid-19 deaths are now measured across the UK as deaths that occurred within 28 days of the first laboratory-confirmed positive test.

The total number of coronavirus-related deaths in the UK within 28 days of testing positive is 43,155.

The daily number of deaths in the 28-day range is 137.

The number of deaths with Covid-19 on the death certificate is 57,690.

As of July 2, the number includes both Pillar 1 data (tests performed in public health and NHS laboratories, NHS hospitals, and results from NHS nurses and health workers) and Pillar 2 data that are refer to tests conducted in the wider community.

The data does not include numbers from pillars 3 through 5, including antibody testing, monitoring, and diagnosis.

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