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COVID-19: The cybersecurity curve is flattening

As CIOs and CTOs tackle the effects of the pandemic, they have also had to strengthen their lines of defense against cyber criminals trying to take advantage of the situation. Businesses quickly adjusted to being able to work from home in response to lockout orders, which left computer networks exposed to additional and new stresses, making them vulnerable to cybercriminal infiltration.

This rapid transition to remote working has put a strain on the security and IT infrastructure of many companies, which has resulted in a usable opportunity. In fact, our research has shown that the number of spear phishing email attacks related to COVID-1

9 has increased by 667% since late February. The gap between cybersecurity risk and defensive effectiveness is wider than ever for many organizations. All of a sudden, cybersecurity was high on the agenda of any business – from the vulnerabilities in Zoom to the explosive use of personal devices on corporate networks.

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