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Craig Wright claims to have received $ 8.6 billion in keys to the Satoshi bitcoin deposit

The person who has the private key for Craig Wright Bitcoin who is at the center of a litigation with the Kleiman estate has reportedly arrived.

Court documents communicated to CoinDesk that were dated January 14 state that a third party "provided the information and key disk needed to unlock the encrypted file ." [19659011] Die Documents refer to a mysterious figure known as a courier company, who is said to have the private keys required to access Wright's Bitcoin stash.

The courier service was originally scheduled to appear in January 2020, and Wright, who has been involved in an ongoing lawsuit with the Kleiman estate on Bitcoin has recently been granted an extension, to unlock trust where the cryptocurrency [19659007] took place.

As previously reported, the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin was sued until February 3 to allow the courier's alleged arrival.

Wright is sued by the brother of his late business partner David Kleiman for allegedly embezzling Bitcoin and manipulating documents to defraud his estate.

In a recent lawsuit of January 10, judge Bloom raised concerns about the existence of the courier company and the controversial amount of Bitcoin .

"The court asks if this is the case. It is plausible from a distance that the mysterious" bound courier "will arrive, let alone that he will arrive in January 2020, as the accused now claims. However, since the accused believes that at least this opportunity should be given, the court will spoil so much, ”says the ] document read.

Wright, who appears to be building a cryptocurrency and blockchain patent empire, was considered contempt by the court after failing to provide a comprehensive list of his Bitcoin holdings .

The lawsuit was first triggered in February 2018 and has been making headlines ever since. What we can expect next is everyone's guess.

Published on January 15, 2020 – 10:36 UTC

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