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Crowdfunded Case gives your Windows PC the look of a Mac Pro

Inside you can see the more noticeable changes. The case supports motherboards ranging from Mini ATX to Extended ATX and can accommodate graphics cards up to 380mm (15 inches) in length. You can plug a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti into the case if you want it to serve as a gaming rig. It also promises plenty of room for air or liquid cooling (up to a 360mm water cooler), and the combination of five SSD slots with three hard drive bays means you will not lose storage space.

The Dune Pro should be rich Kickstarter on October 21

, with prices and expected shipping times until then. The obvious question is, of course, whether it will pass the legal examination or not. Dune already has another Apple-inspired case in the works, the Dune Case for $ 199. It is based on the 2013 Mac Pro and offers more creative freedom. The Dune Pro is a literal translation. However, Dune says the Dice Y panel is "patent pending", so he seems to be at least somewhat aware of the possibility of a court case.

It also raises the question of whether it will arrive on time or not, provided that the project goes according to plan. The former Dune Case is still marked as "Beta" and can not be pre-ordered. You may wait a while for the ultimate Hackintosh setup.

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