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Crushed video of Bay Area Fire Haze with Blade Runner 2049 Soundtrack

A YouTuber has combined drone footage of San Francisco̵

7;s apocalyptic orange life Landscape from Wednesday created with music for the film 2017 Blade Runner 2049. And everything almost fits together too perfect.

The entire west coast of the United States is experiencing devastating forest fires this week, and people in the Bay Area of ​​California are waking up Wednesday to an eerie billow of smoke that blocked the sun. The whole region was bathed in orange and created an atmosphere that even smartphone cameras seemed so strangely alien try to correct the color.

Credits will be given for the new video available on YouTube Terry Tsai Using drone footage originally called up by a YouTuber named DoctorSbaitso. According to Sbaitso, the drone video was recorded on Wednesday around 11:00 a.m. with a DJI Mavic Air 2.

And while Sbaitso compared the scenes to Mars, Chernobyl and even Blade runnerNot until another YouTuber added that Blade runner Continuation of music composed by Hans Zimmer ((The dark knight, Interstellar, Beginning) that it finally felt right.

When Blade Runner 2049 came out in 2017, it seemed like a highly stylized and exaggerated look into the future that pays homage to the original Blade runner 1982 film in just the right way. They had humanoid robots, a hunt for villainous androids, and questions about what it means to be human. But while the original film was dark and wet, the sequel was much more sunburned and suitably dry – a reminder of what climate change did to our world as early as the 2010s.

A quick look at the trailer for Blade Runner 2049– or some of the many comparisons social media Yesterday – give an idea of ​​how appropriate it is to compare the orange Bay Area skies to the movie.

If 2020 is a clue, then all of these science fiction predictions for the mid-21st century are likely too conservative in some ways techno-utopian in other. Climate change is already causing more damage than many people expected, And we’ve been waiting for flying cars literally a century. Flying cars are always fair two years away, somehow.

The world is upside down right now for so many reasons. Not only are we facing climate change, but the global rise of fascism and a pandemic that has killed over 190,000 Americans and infected over 6.3 million people in the US alone. It all feels surreal going through the story.

As one Twitter user pointed out yesterdayaccidentally or not, many elements of the Blade runner Series have come true. There is no more Blade runner to see as a bright electronic display through a thick haze of debris in the air.

Somehow we’re experiencing a combination of dystopias that even Hollywood couldn’t plausibly bring to the screen. A climate crisis during a pandemic during an election when democracy itself is in balance? Sounds too exaggerated to me.

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