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Current indications point to an international expansion of the Apple Card

Over a year after starting in the US MacRumors has uncovered a number of clues that suggest the Apple Card will soon be launched internationally.

A source claiming to be close to an unnamed Australian bank that is involved in supporting Apple Card in Australia reports MacRumors This “Apple Card” will be introduced in several new regions at the end of this year. The tip speculated that the Australian version might coincide with the release of iOS 14.1 or iOS 14.2, but warned that it might not be ready until a release of iOS 14.3 in early 2021.

In addition, Apple recently posted several new Apple Card Product Manager roles that include travel and “working with outside partners such as payment networks, bank issuers and other stakeholders.” In the US, Goldman Sachs is the only Apple Card bank issuer. The job description could indicate that Apple is negotiating with other issuers in the US or, more likely, with issuers that support Apple Card in other regions of the world.

MacRumors also discovered references to GDPR for “Apple Card” in the iOS 14 Beta 8 code. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and the protection of privacy. Since “Apple Card” is not currently available outside of the US, it seems strange that there is a code that might refer to European data protection legislation for “Apple Card”.

The code contained in a property list also appears to have been present in some earlier versions of iOS. It is unclear whether the code specifically refers to the general data protection regulation or is an abbreviation for something else.

With an Apple event on Tuesday, Apple may be preparing to announce an international expansion of “Apple Card” shortly. Alternatively, Apple could announce the international launch together with new iPhones at a rumored October event.

Given the extent to which credit markets and regulation differ around the world, it would be a big challenge for Apple to bring Apple Card to several new regions at the same time. After the success of “Apple Card” in the USA, however, it would make sense for Apple to expand into international markets. It’s possible Apple will announce broad international expansion on Tuesday before gradually completing launches in other regions once they’re ready.

During a visit to Germany last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed his interest in the international introduction of the “Apple Card”. Last month, Samsung launched the Samsung Pay Card in the UK to get ahead of Apple.

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