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Customer emails to Tim Cook said they helped shape the evolution of the Apple Watch

During his time as CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs was known to personally answer some of the customer emails he received, which resulted in some of his best responses being collected in a book.

Customers who email the current Apple CEO Tim Cook occasionally receive replies, and a report by CNBC shows how these emails are processed and frequently shared with other Apple executives to be shared.

According to people who are familiar with how the process works, Cook has an assistant who has the task of reading the e-mail, forwarding some to him for personal attention, and others to a group distribution list of executives Pass on teams. They relay the letters to their reports and so on in the chain. Many of these "Dear Tim" letters are ultimately shared by employees with headquarters and two former employees.

In an example of how customer emails can influence product decisions, the report shows what some of them look like. These messages played a particularly important role in the development of the Apple Watch.

Following the Apple Watch which was introduced in 201

5, the company promoted a variety of features including communications, entertainment as well as health and fitness tracking. Then, the letters of notification started from users to learn how the device alerted them to potentially serious illnesses and even saved lives. After that, Apple shifted the focus of the clock more towards health.

According to reports, a former Apple employee described the emails as "surprise", since the Apple Watch was not developed heart rate irregularities at this time. Another former employee said that similar emails have shown Apple that the device could have a more positive health impact than previously recognized by another company.

The report also notes that e-mails often help to maintain employee morale, especially for employees who have no external role and can not talk about the products they work on. You can read the full article here.

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