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Cyber ​​security officials say state-sponsored hackers are taking advantage of the pandemic

( Reuters ) – American and British cyber security officials warn that government-sponsored hackers and online criminals are using the Corona virus outbreak to advance their operations and raise concerns about digital security experts.

A joint opinion released on Wednesday by the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency and the United Kingdom's National Cyber ​​Security Center states that while the overall volume of malicious activity does not appear to have changed, hackers of all kinds, however, used the fear of the onset of the disease to urge people to click links and download attachments.

"Bad actors use these difficult times to exploit and exploit the public and business," said Bryan Ware, deputy director of cybersecurity at CISA, in a statement.

Agencies warned hackers also took advantage of the growing demand for work-from-home solutions by using their malicious tools as remote collaboration software from Zoom and Microsoft. Hackers are also targeting virtual private networks that allow an increasing number of employees to connect to their offices, the agencies say.

The cybersecurity industry has been raising alarms about the threat of malicious software and coronavirus-themed explosive emails for weeks.

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In a blog post that was also published on Wednesday, Microsoft manager Rob Lefferts said that the success rate for hackers has increased.

The media were "all COVID-19 all the time," said Lefferts. "It is overwhelming and attackers know it. They know that many click without looking because the stress is high and they take advantage of it."

( reporting by Raphael Satter; editing by Tom Brown )

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