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Cyberpunk 2077 features motorcycle designs from K Motoru Reeves, co-founder of Arch Motorcycle

The co-founders of Arch Motorcycle can be seen in the latest episode of Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire

Cyberpunk 2077 will feature some of the most amazing future-oriented motorcycle designs seen in the video game, and that’s thanks in part to Keanu Reeves, whose company Arch Motorcycle provided the necessary wiring diagrams.

Who would have thought Keanu Reeves would run a side business for someone with a thriving Hollywood career? It seems he does. For one, he was a co-founder of business partner Gard Hollinger.

That’s not to say that celebrities who are already making millions of dollars don’t have the right to get involved in a sideline. But it’s definitely a surprise to see the humble but wealthy actor put himself into the business out of a passion for custom vehicles.

As featured in Night City Wire

The show focused on the co-founders of Arch Motorcycle for a section of the latest episode of Night City Wire. In it, they talked about how their passionate company found its way into the game, even the challenges associated with running a rather unusual business.

It was clear from the start that the idea of ​​”passion” in their custom motorcycle business has its own merits. This is thanks to the idea that Reeves expresses his interpretation of being on his own bespoke pair of bikes. A thought that his co-founder Hollinger supplemented with his own.

The feelings weren’t particularly profound, but rather brief and metaphorical in a sense. Nevertheless, the statements in the almost 4-minute video have a deep meaning for those who understand the ideas spoken.

Real mechanical noises

While that’s interesting, another compelling aspect of the episode segment is how CDPR plays a vital role in bringing the designs into play from a real source. This may be true for the physical layouts of the vehicles, but it is also authentic for the sounds they make. Which, to the trained ear, could easily tell the difference, much against Hollinger’s own claim.

To do just that, the folks at CDPR, who Reeves says are fans of Arch Motorcycle, practically got the acoustics covered. This means being out and about with their gear and hearing the noises made by the loud engines of the vehicle. But not the kind you would normally find on the street – the audio itself is special.

Many of us probably cannot afford an Arch motorcycle of our own. But maybe that’s okay to know that by playing we’d have an almost similar experience Cyberpunk 2077.

Who knows. Perhaps some of us might one day have one for ourselves.

Image courtesy of Cyberpunk 2077 / YouTube screenshot

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