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Cybershoes will be reaching out to Kickstarter to bring their VR walking shoes to Oculus Quest

Cybershoes, a VR peripheral designed to simulate walking, is coming to Oculus Quest and Quest 2.

UploadVR first tried Cybershoes two years ago. The kit consists of a pair of soles that you wrap around your feet before sitting in a chair. As you sit, swing your legs back and forth on the floor to mimic walking, which is then reflected in a specific experience. The kit used to be limited to PC VR headsets, but this new wireless model will be compatible with Facebook’s standalone headset via Bluetooth connectivity.

Developers can integrate support for the kit via a software development kit that has just been launched. In fact, Cybershoes has partnered with Vertigo Games to support the enduring zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine (which itself just got a Quest 2 update).

Prior to launch, Cybershoes will contact Kickstarter for pre-orders. However, the company claims that this is not to fund the production already covered, but to fund the developer̵

7;s reach and make the kit available for more games.

The company hasn’t yet announced how much it plans to raise on Kickstarter and how much it will cost to pre-order a unit through the crowdfunding campaign. However, don’t expect them to be cheap. The original cybershoes started at $ 349. You could get a package that also includes a swivel chair and round rug for $ 449. Bundles will also be included in upcoming pre-orders.

It’s definitely interesting to see how Cybershoes land on Quest, though the standalone platform’s limitation to a chair seems pretty restrictive. Back in September, we looked at another approach to VR locomotion called the Ekto One. As with cybershoes, this device simulates walking, but this time you get up. The compromise? The boots are massive and complex, allowing only walking, not running, as they pull you back to the center of your scope.

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