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David Harbor plays Oscar the Grouch in the SNL Joker parody

Call me Grouch.
Image : NBC

Joker is a lot of things for many people. But at the core, it's also a movie that takes a cartoon clown villain incredibly, incredibly seriously. Saturday Night Live decided last night to give this treatment to another absurd villain.

Enter Oscar. A modest garbage man. Somewhat unstable. A little bit unhappy. Maybe some would even say grumpy . Actor David Harbor makes a pretty impressive impression of Joaquin Phoenix Grouch is exactly what we need in 2019: stupid, nihilistic and self-indulgent dark. To be honest, this is a great parody, if only because it shows how ridiculous a project is Joker.

in the core. And that is not meant as a condemnation, exactly: Ridiculous projects that are handled seriously can often be very good. But a dark, grim story about the evils of society with a comic clown or, as you know, Oscar the Grouch is still basically ridiculous.

Against this background I would definitely consider Grouch . I do not know if I like it. But I would see it.

Joker is now in theaters and Saturday Night Live is on television at … You can probably find out one.

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