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Delightree raises $ 3 million to help franchise business owners simplify their operations – TechCrunch

Owning a brick-and-mortar store seems complicated enough. But operate multiple locations? For many owners, this is a constant process of juggling phone calls, checklists, and going from store to store. In the middle of a pandemic, it becomes all the more complex.

Delightree, a company from the previous Alchemist Accelerator class, raised $ 3 million to develop a tool designed to help franchise owners (think of hotels, gyms, restaurant chains, etc.) to digitally design their processes and workflows.

A lot of the idea with Delightree The aim is to transfer a large part of the current events to smartphones using pen and paper checklists so that franchisees know from a distance what is going on at their locations. They digitize workflows such as the daily procedures for opening / closing stores or maintenance routines, with employees checking the boxes on their devices instead of a paper to-do list. If something is overlooked along the way, Delightree can automatically ping the owner to inform them before it becomes a problem.

They also help automate and track things like engaging new employees and preparing for inspections, and provide owners with a central place to make team-wide announcements or contact employees.

Delightree emerged from a previous company founded by co-founders Madhulika Mukherjee and Tushar Mishra. They had been working on Survaider, a tool that monitored customer feedback through social media, review sites, etc. and turned that feedback into actionable task lists.

“When we piloted it, our customers said: ̵

6;Can we create our own tasks? Or can I tell my employees something about it? ‘Mishra told me. “It was such an obvious problem that we started building Delightree.”

Delightree co-founders Tushar Mishra and Madhulika Mukherjee

The team also worked on a feature called Delightcomply, which allows businesses to stay up-to-date on the latest CDC guidelines for companies affected by the pandemic and to automatically disclose compliance details to potential customers. A company could use Delightcomply to publicly outline the steps it takes to protect employees / customers. For example, the list is updated automatically to show the status of each task.

Delightree is currently working directly with every new customer to assist them with their initial setup – especially to help franchisees convert the standard work instructions they receive directly from the brand owners into Delightree workflows. They are still working on their exact pricing model, but say they charge fees per location per month, with prices varying depending on the size / complexity of the company. You have set up a waiting list for everyone who is interested.

This $ 3 million launch round was funded by Accel Partners, Emergent Ventures. Brainstorming Ventures, Axilor Ventures and Alchemist. As part of the business, Emergent partner Anupam Rastogi has joined Delightree’s Board of Directors.

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