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Delphia wants to turn your data into investment capital through collective action – TechCrunch

Many companies talk about the value of your data and how you can improve control over the information you share. However, Toronto-based Delphia is unique in developing a viable, sustainable and scalable way to capture a person's data and transform it into real money. It is not the goal to achieve this by inserting a price tag into your social diagram. Instead, Delphia wants to pool the resources of a large group of people to derive real economic power through collective action.

"In order to create a solution that effectively captures the value of our data, we then need to aggregate it and act as a collective," said Andrew Peek, CEO of Delphia, in an interview.

Other attempts, according to Peek, often focused on individual data in terms of their value for advertisers ̵

1; and in this arrangement, the value of a person's data is actually quite low. By contrast, Delphia looks to the capital markets and hopes to replicate and improve a model that works and keeps working. Hedge funds and other large institutional investors are constantly using machine-learning algorithms based on user data. However, users do not participate actively in this process, either in the data they contribute or in the fact that they receive a significant reward. [19659002] Delphia wants to change this by launching an app that allows individuals to make this type of investment in collaboration with other users themselves. Users will also go beyond what these hedge funds can do by actively providing additional information about what is available through their passive participation via traditional online signals, which should translate into an investment advantage.

"We ask you a series of questions every day, usually in relation to current events," says Peek. "Apple launches the new AirPods, or Nike launches the Colin Kaepernick ad – it happens every day, and this is an opportunity for us to get involved, but if we want to do that We really do learn a little bit more about you, so there are a handful of questions that generate points, and then there are points that you generate from linking accounts: this can be anything from a Twitter profile to a Venmo Account until your phone shuttles and your Amazon purchase history – YouTube, Reddit, etc. – is enough. "

This data will help Delphia make strategic decisions on the exchange for its entire user base Passing on half of the fees to users investing their data Peek notes that users can participate without investing in money, but users can opt for a traditional investment instrument also funds. However, Delphia's focus on retail investment is strictly focused, with supervisors tackling the sensitive issue of institutional investment. In a retail investment environment, all users can initially participate without any special requirements.

As mentioned earlier, the Delphia model assumes that there are a certain number of users on the platform before it works according to the data Scientists in the team who have published scientifically on the enterprise model. That's why today they launch their public launch with a sign-up page aiming to reach a critical mass of 100,000 pre-registered users before the official launch of their app. They've also created the following calculator to show how their model works based on the volume of users they sign up to compared to more traditional investment advisers and robot advisors for retailers.

The model of Delphia is definitely ambitious and also requires a lot of trust from the users, as Peek frankly admits. The difference is that their model only works as long as they continue to earn that trust, as users must continue to participate to ensure their advantage is maintained. It's also worth noting that there's no realistic way to throw the ghost back in the bottle when it comes to generating and sharing data, but Delphia's vision brings back an element of control and a way for those who who can not invest in traditional equity markets to participate in the production of real economic power.

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