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Deltas Glass Rinser quickly washes glassware

With the Delta First Wave glasswasher, glasses are washed quickly at home.


High water glasses, drinking glasses, beer tweezers, all of which are to be cleaned. Narrow forms mean that it is often difficult to get inside. And their smooth, slippery surfaces are a coincidence that just waits. However, a new kitchen appliance, the $ 1

25 First Wave Glass Rinser, could greatly facilitate this work.

Round, flat and puck-shaped, the glasswasher may be well-known if you're in a bar or bar-style restaurant with modern facilities. The device sits on the edge of your sink and in its center is a water nozzle. The idea is to turn a glass upside down and then press down on the spring-loaded pad of the rinser. The nozzle then delivers a high pressure jet of water upwards into the overlying glasses.

This jet of water hits the inside of your glass and quickly washes away dirt and grime. If you rinse your goggles before residual fluid can dry out, theoretically less cleaning work is required to keep you from fumbling.

According to Delta, adding a drop of dish soap to the dishwashing detergent will do wonders. The combination of high-pressure water and detergent is sufficient for the hardest dried out waste.

Delta also claims that the Glass Rinser does not need a pro for the installation. The device is intended for homeowners to connect themselves. If your sink has an old soap dispenser (or a hole for one), remove it and let the rinser in there. The only other connection the Glass Rinser needs is a connection to a water pipe (hot or cold). A drain hose is also not required because the used water flows from the base of the rinser into your sink.

The glasswasher is on the edge of the sink.


Delta says the Glass Rinser will not be delivered before October 2019. If you want to support the product's Indiegogo project, you can pre-order it now. As always, CNET's coverage of crowdfunding campaigns does not endorse the project or its creators. Before you contribute to a campaign, read the crowdfunding site policies – in this case, Indiegogo – to find out your rights (and their refund policies or their non-compliance) before and after a campaign ends.

Delta First Wave Glass Rinser at a Glance

  • $ 125
  • Expected to ship in October 2019
  • Designed for DIY installations

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