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Destiny 2 Crucible, Gambit and Strikes all change in Beyond Light

In his weekly blog post, Bungie revealed a few Fate 2: Beyond the light Details, mainly on the three main activities of the game: Crucible, Gambit and Strikes. But the studio also revealed the game’s new annual armor, as well as the first new pursuit weapon in several seasons.

A few weeks ago, Game Director Luke Smith introduced a new approach: armor updates and tracking weapons. Yearly, fate 2 receives new armor for each class. The armor parts have three variants for Crucible, Gambit and Strikes. While the actual armor pieces are the same no matter where you get them, the look and feel will vary slightly depending on the activity you picked them up from.

Year 4 Destiny 2: Beyond Light Armor Sets

From left to right, the Titan Vanguard Armor, Hunter Crucible Armor, and Gambit Warlock Armor
Image: Bungie

The latest blog post has a visual preview (see above) and details on how players can record these parts. You’ll come from weekly challenges, complete activities like Crucible matches, and rank Shaxx or Zavala. Bungie will be phasing out the old sets and adding a new one every year during the fall expansion.

Beyond the light will also come with a pursuit weapon for the first time in several seasons. Pursuit weapons are powerful Legendaries that come with unique combinations of perks. In season 12 and Beyond the lightPlayers will only receive a single ritual weapon and none based on the core activities of the game.

Distinguished Ritual Sniper Destiny 2 Season 12

Adored, a cheeky name for a weapon based on a weapon called the Beloved
Image: Bungie

The Season 12 ritual weapon is Adored (a name based on the weapon’s image files), and it is a sniper rifle based on the same model as Beloved. A sniper bungie plans to schedule sunset on November 10th. It is currently unclear what advantages Adored offers.

Players can get this new ritual weapon by visiting the gunsmith Banshee-44. He gives players a choice and lets them earn Adored by playing a ton of Crucible, Gambit or Strikes. But once the players have chosen their poison, they will no longer have access to it.

The Gambit ornament skin for Adored Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Gambit ornament by Adored
Image: Bungie

Once players get Adored, they can go to The Drifter, Shaxx, and Zavala for a secondary quest where players can take part in the various activities to receive an ornament skin based on the activity. Players will receive a new ritual weapon and three activity-based ornaments each season.

Bungie also outlined some important changes in its core operations.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Crucible menu

The cleaner, newer Crucible menu
Image: Bungie

For the Crucible, Bungie plans to reduce the number of playlists again. Each week, players can immerse themselves in Control, Elimination, Rumble, and Survival (Standard and Freelance). There will also be a weekly rotation mode, either Clash, Mayhem or Showdown. In addition, players can still start private games. Iron Banner will continue to appear once a month and Trials of Osiris will appear weekly.

Especially in Trials of Osiris, Adept weapons will be seen in season 12. In the original fateAdept weapons came with bonus perks and were only available to players who were flawless. Players will need to reach the lighthouse to get these new Adept weapons Fate 2 also. Bungie will fully reveal Adept Weapons at a later date.

Bungie is also reducing the strike menu.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Strike menu

The Vanguard menu only offers two options and still no Hunter Vanguard
Image: Bungie

in the Beyond the lightPlayers will no longer be able to select the standard Nightfall or Daily Heroic missions. Instead, the game offers two options: the Vanguard Strike playlist or Nightfall: The Ordeal. The functionality of both functions will not change.

The most interesting addition to Strikes is the addition of Adept Strike weapons. Presumably these work in a similar way to the unique, powerful bonus weapons from Trials of Osiris. Bungie said they’ll be detailing Adept Strike weapons closer to Season 13, which comes after Beyond the light.

Finally, Bungie is completely redesigning the Gambit mode, combining Gambit Prime and Gambit into a single offering.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Gambit Menu

The Gambit menu now only has one mode and private lobbies
Image: Bungie

The new Gambit appears to mostly mirror Gambit Prime, the single-turn version of the PvEvP mode that Bungie added in Season of the Drifter. However, players no longer have access to the armor perks of the Gambit Prime, so the studio is weakening the mode a bit.

Collecting themes will now be a bigger part of any game, with the boss fight being much faster. The studio has also increased the timer between invasions, which means players will have to wait 20 seconds instead of just 10 seconds to kill enemy players. “It never feels good to be attacked back to back,” wrote a representative from the Gambit team.

The new version of Gambit takes less time than Gambit Prime, which is already significantly faster than the original Gambit. It looks like the Gambit menu will still allow players to play private Gambit matches with friends.

As we near the new release date for Destiny 2: Beyond LightOn November 10th, Bungie appears to be improving its communication. We’ll hear more about a variety of upcoming changes this month and into October.

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