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Diablo 4 Lead Designer says the game contains cosmetic microtransactions

Diablo 4 lead designer Joe Shely confirmed that the long-awaited title of Blizzard would include cosmetic microtransactions similar to those of Blizzard's shooter Overwatch.

Shely discussed the upcoming microtransactions of the game during a hands-on look at Diablo 4 with the twitch streamer Quin69, which took place during BlizzCon 2019. He added that Diablo 4 is regularly updated with content after launch and purchases of cosmetics in the game.

" Diablo IV will be available as a base game, we will have enhancements," Shely said during the stream. "You will also be able to buy cosmetics in the game … It's very early … but yes."

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Shely also briefly mentioned that Diablo 4 will introduce an auction system, though he provided no significant details about how it would work. Diablo 3 released an auction house that allowed players to sell their equipment for real dollars in the game. Blizzard finally removed the auction house from the game in 2014 after a massive outcry from players who thought some could pay for the win. It's still just clear how these cosmetic microtransactions could take place. "Shely added that Diablo 4 " sold no energy, "meaning that most, if not all, microtransactions in Diablo 4 is limited to cosmetic remedies such as skins and not Power-ups that could affect the gameplay.

In recent years, microtransactions have been a hot topic in the industry, especially if they are included in the price of $ 60 games. Luckily, cosmetic microtransactions do not affect gameplay and, when properly run after launch, can provide additional revenue streams, which can increase the likelihood that a company like Blizzard will add extra content to a game after launch.

Microtransactions such as A big gambling problem even politicians and government agencies around the world have come to regulate. In 2017, the Belgian Gambling Commission decided that loot boxes that users can buy to gain benefits in the game are a form of gambling. Earlier this year, Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) introduced a bill banning prey boxes and pay-to-win micro-transactions, even though this bill has not yet been implemented in the Senate.

Blizzard has not announced a release date for Diablo 4. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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