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Did we guess the 5 Samsung power supplies here?

Just over a week before the end, Samsung released the first official trailer for the upcoming unpacked event. The trailer mainly focuses on the fact that the event is virtual and shows parts of the Samsung Digital City. But just before the end, we see the silhouettes of the 5 power supplies that Samsung was expecting.

We took a picture of this shot above and tried to brighten it up a bit. The picture shows what I think the Galaxy Note 20 with S Pen, Galaxy Buds Live (beans!), Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Tab S7 + and Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Galaxy Unpacked Devices

The surprise here is seeing the Galaxy Z Fold 2, and only because some early signs indicated that an upcoming arrival is unlikely. Of course, it might not be ready yet, and Samsung could show it off with a distant start date or with no price or lack of detail.

The rest of the devices here have leaked to levels that have become standard for Samsung launches. We know every detail of the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. The Buds Live has also leaked. All information about Galaxy Tab S7 + and Galaxy Watch 3 has also been published over the weekend, which we will share with you shortly.

You’ll find the Galaxy Z Flip 5G isn’t here, and that’s because Samsung has already announced it.

I’m not sure if my eyes are ready for all this bronze.

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