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Digital Trends live: Facebook controversy, FTC crush and more

In episode 75 of Digital Trends Live, DT's morning live show, presenters Greg Nibler and Drew Prindle squatted in the studio, hiding from the apocalyptic snow in Portland and breaking down the biggest news in the tech world. For the first time this time: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is against companies that pay for fake reviews on Amazon. The agency has initiated proceedings against Cure Encapsulations. According to FTC, the defendants have paid a website, amazonverifiedreviews.com, to create and publish Amazon reviews of their product. "Counterfeit reviews have been a nuisance lately ̵

1; there's a great episode of Reply All on the subject! – So it's nice to know that the government is taking the issue seriously.

In other news, Facebook is back on the news and for scandalous reasons. According to a TechCrunch report, Facebook plans to launch a "fan subscription" service that will allow users like Patreon to pay for subscribing to the content of certain people or publications. Facebook's plan is apparently to retain 30 percent of the revenue from subscriptions. The company also requests the right to offer free trial versions (for which the creators of content could not be compensated) and even offer the rights to the content of the creators.

Later in the show, DT editor-in-chief Les Shu partnered with Steve Koepp, founder of the From Day One conference, which focuses on how companies can serve society. Koepp has a long career in journalism and has worked for both Fortune and Time. The conference hopes it can help companies "integrate sound values ​​into their business-diversity, responsibility, transparency-and a disruptive economy."

Finally, Greg and Drew spoke with Michelle Masek, director of marketing for Apeel Sciences, a company that wants to keep fruit and vegetables longer. According to Masek, her process slows down "how fast water leaks" and "how fast oxygen penetrates." This is a fascinating topic given the incredible amount of products that people waste each year.

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