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Digital Trends Live: PS5 controller, "Tiger King" interview

In this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler talks about the top tech stories of the day, including Big Tech's response to the corona virus, the design of the PS5 controller, driverless delivery in California, the Facebook App for couples and more.

Forest Gibson and Jared Cheshir

Nibler then speaks to Forest Gibson and Jared Cheshir, co-founders of The Aigency, who talk about commercializing the use of robots in advertising and filmmaking. Your new agency represents robots in entertainment.

If you used your computer's webcam for remote meetings, you have probably noticed that the camera is not that good. Luke Larsen joins the program to talk about how 720p is still the standard for most webcams.

John Finlay

One of the greatest stories emerging from quarantine is the popularity of Netflixs Tiger King . Series. Nibler talks to John Finlay, one of the series' outstanding personalities, about how his life is different now and who should play him when they make a feature film about history.

Terrell Davis

Finally, Nibler talks to Terrell Davis, NFL Hall of Fame candidate, former Denver Broncos player and co-founder of DEFY, the world's first mainstream hemp CBD performance drink.

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