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Director David Lynch’s daily surreal weather reports are back in LA


Director David Lynch gives a detailed report on the weather in Los Angeles by looking out of his office window.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton / CNET

If it seems daunting to go outside during a pandemic, leave it up Twin summit Director David Lynch tells you about the current weather conditions, at least in Los Angeles.

In a new series of YouTube videos, Lynch publishes daily weather reports from his office. The interior feels very much like an office Twin summit character FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole would sit while suspect files go through.

“Good morning! It’s May 13th, 2020 and it’s a Wednesday,” Lynch said in his YouTube video released on Wednesday. “Here in LA, a beautiful sunny morning, very calm. A little cloud or two floats past; 59 degrees Fahrenheit, 15 degrees. I wish you a nice day.”

Sometimes the video looks blurry, while other videos have an unusual blue hue. One wonders whether his office has its own strange lighting or whether Lynch is just enjoying adding filters to the videos in post-production.

Lynch launched its new daily weather reports on its YouTube channel called David Lynch Theater on May 11, but this is not its first foray into the weather forecast.

In 2008, Lynch posted daily weather reports on its website at that time. Eagle-eyed fans will find that Lynch’s weather forecast videos for 2020 are shot in the same room as his 2008 videos. The objects in his office, like the wall-mounted telephone and his wooden desk drawers, are still the same.

While it’s fun for a Twin Peaks super fan like me to see Lynch bring back his unusual weather reports, I hope this is the start of more unusual videos by the eccentric director.

In January, Lynch debuted a short black and white film on Netflix entitled What did Jack do? In it, Lynch played a homicide commissioner who interviewed a murder suspect who happened to be a talking monkey.

In 2018, Lynch was a co-writer and director Twin Peaks: The Return on Showtime. The latest Showtime series was a continuation of the creepy murder story from his popular TV show Twin Peaks and the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me from the early 1990s.

Lynch is also known for his surreal films Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, Wild in the Heart, Inland Empire, Eraserhead, The Elephant Man and the original film Dune.

Although Lynch has not made a full-length feature film for 13 years, we hope to see more creative videos and short films of him on YouTube, Netflix and other streaming sites in the future. In the meantime, I’ll be happy to watch him describe clouds and more in his daily weather reports.

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