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Dismissed Google employees will blame the company for "unfair labor practices."

Last month, Google faced another problematic situation among its employees. It began when a number of employees of the technology giant protested in front of its headquarters in San Francisco against the suspension of two activist employees, Rebecca Rivers and Laurence Berland, who were on leave for what some employees argue. speak out against the company.

Since then Google has dismissed both staff and two other persons involved in the initial protest. But now these dismissed former Googlers plan to sue the tech giant and accuse the company of releasing them for sheltered work organization.

In a open letter published yesterday by "Google Walkout For Real Change" on medium, it was explained how the four employees Laurence Berland, Paul Duke, Rebecca Rivers and Sophie Waldman were all involved are involved in internal activities of the company, will "fight back".

The four argue that they were not fired for violating the company's privacy policy, Google said. "It's about stopping the organization of all jobs," says the open letter. "Google wants to send a message to everyone: If you dare to engage in a secure work organization, you will be punished."

In a first step, unfair labor practices are filed with the National Labor Relations Board, a government agency tasked with enforcing US labor law, as stated by former workers. In the framework of the Committee's procedure, officials investigate the charges and ultimately decide whether they need to take further action.

Since it all began, Google has relentlessly announced that Rivers and Berland have been fired for "breach of privacy policy", including unauthorized access to the calendars of employees who have information about their location and their disclosure to external sources.

The company claims to look up calendars and documents, which we all do, but we know that it is a punishment to speak out for yourself and others, "Google employees wrote in a press release last month. Google retains its original position.

"We fired four people who deliberately and repeatedly violated our longstanding privacy policy, including systematically accessing and distributing materials and work of other employees," said a Google spokesman for The Watcher. "Nobody was dismissed for raising concerns or discussing the company's activities."

These layoffs are part of a larger, ongoing problem between Google and its employees. For the past two years, Googlers have protested and organized against issues such as sexual assault and harassment his controversial work for the military and . 1

9659002] Treatment of its LGBTQ + content creators on YouTube Google's affiliate.

In the midst of Google's internal criticism, the tech giant commissioned an anti-union law firm to advise management on how to treat internal retaliation. It seems that the tensions in the technology company will remain high, and the chances are good that this will have a lasting impact on the company's reputation.

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