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Disney apparently has no idea what to do with Hulu – for now

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It seems like Disney Hulus majority shareholder, don’t know what to do with the streaming service afterwards the Covid-19 pandemic delayed plans to finally expand it outside of the US BloombergThese plans were supposed to start in January, but that never happened. Instead, Disney focused more on himself Streaming service, Disney +.

But guys familiar with the matter, Bloomberg said that apparently Disney interrupted Hulu’s international expansion not only because of this the pandemic wreathked Chaos in terms of theme park and movie studio revenue, but also because the higher the value of Hulu, the more money Disney makes owes Comcast. Disney agreed to buy Comcast’s Hulu shares for at least $ 5.8 billion through 2024. If Hulu expanded internationally, that would increase its value, and Disney would owe Comcast more money.

That kind of leaves Hulu in abeyance because it offers many Fox movies and TV shows, Which Disney owns the rights to since the purchase of the studio has been completed again in March of 2019. But according to Bloomberg Sources it is Perhaps Disney could consider folding Hulu into Disney +. Disney was looking for ways to incorporate more sophisticated programming its streaming service. Adding Hulu content, especially Fox content, would be an easy way to do this.

That has leSome speculate that Disney is losing interest in expanding Hulu internationally as a standalone service, according to Bloomberg. NBCUniversal, owned by Comcast (which in turn will have a stake in Hulu through 2024), Apparently he turned to Disney to purchase Hulu, but Disney turned around down this offerand offers from several private equity firms.

Disney is under great pressure from shareholders to put a stronger fulcrum on streaming, so fold Hulu at Disney + probably would make more financial sense than trying to expand two separate streaming services international. Adding Hulu shows to Disney + or combining the two entirely would do the trick Boost Disney’s streaming service Numbers dramatically. The Company already offers one Streaming service bundle with Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN + for $ 13 per month.

This is all speculation at this point. Who knows what will happen when 2024 rolls around? But once, Disney owns 100% of Hulu, it can do whatever it wants with it – and ptreaming domination probably seems an attractive option.

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