Disney in discussion of the acquisition of WarnerMedia's 10% stake in Hulu, resulting in a 70% ownership interest following its acquisition of Fox

Following discussions by Variety Disney is in active talks with AT & T to acquire WarnerMedia's 10% stake in Hulu. Disney already owns a 30 percent stake in Hulu and will soon acquire Fox's 30 percent interest once the regulatory approval for the Disney / 20th Century Fox acquisition has been obtained.

This means that if Disney is loaded with both AT & T and Fox, a 70 percent majority of the Hulu streaming service will be purchased. The last remaining company with a stake is Comcast / NBCUniversal, and in a statement last month, NBCU boss Steve Burke said that "Disney would like to buy us up … I do not think anything is going to happen in the near future."

At this point, it is assumed that even with a 70% control of Hulu, Disney would leave the platform as it is. It focuses on general entertainment with television programs and films that subscribers can see. In contrast, the upcoming Disney + Streaming service is the platform on which customers can receive Disney-focused content in a more family-friendly environment.

AT & T plans to sell its minority stake in Hulu as it prepares to launch its own streaming service in late 201[ads1]9. This service is divided into three levels: "One focuses on movies, one with movies plus original programming, and a third layer consisting of content from the first two, WarnerMedia library content and licensed programming."

Apple's entry into the streaming service market will soon follow, as the company intends to launch the TV service at an event on March 25. At this point we will probably receive a lot of information about the service. However, this is not expected to start until the summer or fall of 2019.

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