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Disney is launching a new Star branding streaming service internationally

Disney plans to launch a new streaming platform for general entertainment overseas under the Star brand name in 2021, CEO Bob Chapek announced today. Chapek did not provide too much details about the platform, including the countries where Star would launch or set prices, but noted that it would include content from ABC, FX, Freeform, Searchlight, and 20th Century Studios.

Star does not have licensed content that differs from Disney’s other general entertainment streaming service, Hulu. Additional information is expected to be released on an upcoming investor day, which will focus on plans for Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus and Star. The announcement comes when Disney reaches key streaming milestones, including more than 60 million Disney Plus subscribers worldwide and a total of 1

00 million subscribers to its streaming offerings – Hulu, ESPN Plus and Disney Plus. Streaming remains the only bright spot for the company that saw significant sales declines this quarter.

“Regarding the general international entertainment offering, we want to reflect our successful Disney Plus strategy by using our Disney Plus technical platform, bringing in existing content and distributing it under a successful international brand that we already own. Of course, Star, ”said Chapek.

The launch of Star also raises another important question: what about Hulu? Former CEO Bob Iger announced that Disney is targeting an international launch in 2021. However, Chapek said in May that the company had no immediate plans to “invest internationally in this business.” Chapek did not say whether Star will replace Hulu, but he spent some time explaining why the company started Star general entertainment rather than just expanding Hulu internationally.

“I think it’s important to look at the differences in launch,” said Chapek. “Hulu brings together third-party content. It won’t … Hulu has no brand awareness outside of the United States. “

Disney Stars Studio is a big overseas brand compared to Hulu, a US-specific name. When Disney acquired the Indian media and entertainment conglomerate Star India and the subsequent streaming service HotStar as part of the Fox deal in 2019, the company changed the name to create Disney Plus HotStar, which unites the two brands. Now Star is known as Disney’s Star India. It makes sense for “Star” to become an international brand name alongside Disney Plus.

But does that mean that Hulu also travels to international areas? Or does Star Hulu completely replace? The edge has turned to Disney for clarification.

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