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Disney plans to reopen its Springs shopping complex soon

A Disney Springs shuttle bus.

A Disney Springs shuttle bus.
picture:: Disney

Florida has started rolling back it is social distance restrictions These were originally introduced in early April in response to the spread of the novel corona virus. While the state still limits the full range of businesses and spaces that can be made available to the public, that is Walt Disney Company uses rollback to reopen its Disney Springs location.

in the a new blog postDisney Parks announced that it plans to re-open Disney Springs, an outdoor complex at the Walt Disney Resort that is open to various shops and restaurants. When the complex returns on May 20, the company said it will have limited capacity out of a desire to protect the health of guests and Disney employees. The post states: “During the first opening phase, Disney Springs will have restrictions on capacity, parking, and hours of operation.”

“As we continue to monitor conditions and focus on guest and Disney actor health, we are making various operational changes.” “Disney Springs is reopening in a manner that includes improved security measures, including improved cleaning procedures Use of appropriate facial coverage by performers and guests, contact services for guests with limited contact, and additional safety training for performers. “

While the fact that the resort as a whole will Not must be reopened and all guests and staff must wear face masks. Both are good ideas on paper. The invitation to gather inside the complex and eat and mill in shops still seems to be a questionable choice, as Florida hasn’t quite done so as a hotspot for coronavirus transmission.

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This is believed to be part of the reason Florida was not hit as hard by the pandemic In other states, such as New York and California, a significant portion of the population followed the state’s instructions to avoid public areas. Facilitating self-quarantine at a time when there are still very few effective ways to completely stop the virus from spreading could theoretically change the situation for Florida, which is a grim concept. We do something like that to do must take into account that we are all experiencing a literal pandemic.

Disney’s announcements about the Springs location come just like that Disneyland Park in Shanghai will open its doors and resume operations with similar security measures in addition to guest temperatures. Like that China has mastered the pandemic up to this point is different from the US, which is very important. While there is still uncertainty about the official number of infections affecting China, it appears to be largely clear that the response to public health started much earlier and was much more widespread than in the United States.

It is also important to understand that with the reopening of American companies, the potential for people who were not previously infected with the virus to be exposed to the virus now could increase, which could lead to a resurgence in places that used to be was thought to have been spared from the pandemic. All of this means that it is complicated to reconcile the need to eradicate the virus with the desire of companies (especially massive companies) to make money again, especially when it does large Groups of people are likely to flock.

It will be interesting to see if people actually feel comfortable enough to go back to Disney Springs to do some shopping and something to eat, because it’s one thing for people to leave their homes to go to a grocery store to operate, and something completely different to go to a part of a resort, most of which is still closed.

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