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Disney Plus is spreading in 8 other countries

Mulan is available now on Disney Plus, a streaming service that is constantly breaking new ground.


Disney Plus has been launched in eight additional countries and encompasses around 30 different areas in total. Fans of Pixar, wonder, Star Wars and the House of the Mouse can now subscribe to Disney̵

7;s streaming service in Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The news arrives in time for the publication of Mulan, now out and The Mandalorian Season 2, streaming next month. You can view Disney’s family-friendly catalog either directly or through a local network in most of Western Europe as well as North America, Australia and New Zealand. Latin America is to follow in November.

Disney’s global ambitions rival the spread of Netflix, which is spreading to almost every country in the world (except China, Crimea, North Korea and Syria) for obvious reasons. Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV Plus also span large parts of the world, but other streamers like HBO and Max CBS All Access only active in North America. Hulu is limited to the US at the moment, but is now owned and operated by Disney discussed international expansion in 2021.

Since launching in November 2019, 60.5 million people have paid to subscribe to Disney Plus.

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