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Disney released Mulan online on September 4 through Disney Plus for $ 30


Disney’s live-action film Mulan was originally scheduled for release in March, but was delayed several times during the coronavirus pandemic.


Disney will broadcast his live action film Mulan online via his Disney Plus Service on September 4th, but not included in your standard subscription. In the U.S., it costs $ 30 in addition to the regular Disney Plus subscription price. The Mulan cost is nearly $ 30 also in international markets where it will also be available, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a number of countries in Western Europe.

Don’t get your hopes up as high as with other mega-budget films wonder‘s Black Widow, which is currently scheduled for release on November 6th, follows the same quick route to your TV in the living room. The company characterizes this as a one-off thing, although it could be an experiment that guides its future release decisions.

“We consider Milan to be unique,” said Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO, on Tuesday during a call discussing the company’s third-quarter results. “Still, we find it very interesting … to be able to learn from it and see what happens, not only in terms of the number of subscribers we receive on the platform, but also in terms of the actual number of subscribers Transactions on the platform Disney Plus platform that we get. ”

Mulan, which should have premiered in cinemas in March but had been delayed several times, will be available through the company’s Disney Plus streaming service, and appears to skip other popular online rental and purchase stores like iTunes, Amazon, and others . Disney said Mulan would be available on a “Premiere access base,” which usually means high-priced rentals.

The company will also release Mulan on September 4 in markets where Disney Plus is not yet operating and where cinemas are open and operating.

“We see this as an opportunity to make this incredible film available to a wide audience who can’t go to the cinemas at the same time while further enhancing the value and appeal of the Disney Plus subscription with great content,” said Chapek.

The decision marks an unprecedented approach to the release of a large-budget film that was meant to be a blockbuster at the time cinemas opened. The Corona virus has closed cinemas around the world and forced studios across the board to postpone large-budget films for months and years without knowing when the theaters can be reopened or when the audience will spend hours in windowless, enclosed spaces will feel comfortable.

It’s also an amazing change to the rigid windows, where new films are usually kept in cinemas for only 75 days or more, as well as a surprising change in the way Disney Plus has been released to the public since its November launch. Disney Plus is Disney’s online hub for streaming almost everything the company produces. However, it was primarily designed as an all-you-can-eat buffet like Netflix, where your subscription unlocks everything on the platform to watch. Mulan will offer Disney Plus an element of history that its 60 million subscribers have never met.

Disney’s changes underscore how disruptive the pandemic has been to Hollywood Studios’ carefully planned release cycles. Because the cinemas are closed and corona virus prevention measures keep people at home, most of the studios have decided to keep postponing the release dates for mega-budget images. But with their Tentpole films in a queue pattern, the studios could expect to release a flood of films on top of each other, which limits ticket sales.

Films with a smaller budget already went directly to the online rental or streaming services, such as Disney’s decision to release his Hamilton film and his science fiction film Artemis Fowl for young adults not on cinemas but on Disney Plus. And Universal has released new films such as DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls World Tour and others as special online rentals.

The online release of Universal’s Trolls World Tour brought angry cinemas to the market. The US chain AMC even vowed to ban universal films from their screens, including the blockbusters Fast & Furious. But last month, Universal signed a deal with AMC to remedy the situation and promised to give cinemas three weekends exclusivity for new films to lift the ban on its films.

In the U.S., Disney Plus service costs $ 7 a month or $ 70 a year. In Canada, Disney Plus costs $ 9 a month or $ 90 a year.

In countries that are part of the euro zone, it is 7 euros or 70 euros per year. In the UK it’s £ 6 a month or £ 60 a year. In Australia, the price is AU $ 9 a month or AU $ 90 a year, while New Zealand subscribers pay NZ $ 10 a month or NZ $ 100 a year. In India, Disney Plus Hotstar costs 299 Indian rupees a month or 999 rupees a year. In Japan, Disney Plus costs 700 yen per month through an exclusive partnership with the Japanese telecommunications company NTT Docomo.

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