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DNA Exclusive: Data protection in the digital world is just an illusion. Check details here | India News

New Delhi: Data protection in the digital age is a major challenge. You can damage your phone, burn it, or drain it in water, but your data stays alive in the universe of the internet. People tend to live lives where looks are different from reality. What they show the world is different from what they have protected under the password. As soon as this comes out, they will be exposed to the world.

So people have started talking about changing their passwords every 6 months, especially after the Bollywood drug case that big celebrities’ private chats are now in the public domain. It can also happen to you at any time and all of your secrets can be revealed to the world.

70 million internet users in India are re-thinking about the security of their data. The DNA analysis shows you how insecure your data is despite the high demands of the technology companies and how you can make them more secure.

First, let̵

7;s talk about WhatsApp data. Around 400 million people in India use WhatsApp, but they probably don’t know that their chat, which they consider safe and private, can be published in front of the world. To avoid this situation, never take screenshots of your WhatsApp chats with any person or group.

WhatsApp chats are encrypted. In general, no one but two people exchanging these messages can read them. However, once you take a screenshot of your conversation, it will be saved on your mobile phone. If your phone is stolen or your phone is not password-protected, these chats can be read by someone else.

You should never save the backup data of your WhatsApp in the cloud storage or in the local storage of your mobile phone. If you are using an Android phone, you must have noticed that WhatsApp makes a backup of your data every night at 2am and that backup is safe in your mobile phone for 10 days. iPhone users have their data stored in the I-cloud too, but this data, which is stored in the cloud or on cell phones, is not encrypted and therefore can be easily hacked. Investigation agencies can also do this legally if necessary.

Aside from that, various mobile applications also ask for your permissions to various functions, which further makes your information available. Some applications can eavesdrop on your conversations and take pictures without your permission.

The question now is how the Bollywood stars’ WhatsApp chats leaked. Otherwise, these people will be more careful with their personal data. Experts believe that this was possible for two reasons; First, these people didn’t delete their chats. Second, her cell phone may have been cloned by the Narcotics Control Bureau to gain access to her chats. There is another possibility that these people deleted their WhatsApp chats but forgot to delete their data again.

To understand how easily your data can be accessed by criminals, hackers, and law enforcement agencies, the DNA also spoke to a cyber expert. Accordingly, you can change the device that runs over the Internet, but it will be impossible for you to erase your data. Even so, you can definitely keep your computer, cell phone, and data secure to some degree by doing these important things.

You need to give up the bad habit of taking a screenshot of WhatsApp chats and stop automatically backing up your data to cloud storage yourself from today. If you are using the iPhone, go to the I Cloud setting and see which application you have allowed for automatic backup. The app whose button area is green is running in the Backup I-Cloud app. You can close it by clicking on it.

If you are using an Android phone, first go to Google Drive and open the settings menu on the left. You will see an option for backups. Just click on any app you want to keep safe, including WhatsApp. On the right side you will see two options: the first option is to delete a backup while the second is to disable the automatic backup. You can choose one of these options. But before doing this, you need to make sure that you are not deleting any important data.

Your data is still not completely erased from your mobile phone. Any hacker, criminal or investigative agency can get your data back from the flash memory of your mobile phone.

In particular, the impact of the WhatsApp chat leak has forced people to delete their WhatsApp in large numbers and they have now started using apps like Telegram and Signal. Telegram is considered safer than WhatsApp. Between September 19 and September 24, the number of people installing Telegram rose 64 percent as nearly 20 new people downloaded Telegram.

You can still delete your mobile data to a certain extent, but the activities you have carried out on the internet are saved in the data form. Because your data is immortal on WhatsApp, any internet browser or any social network application like Facebook and Instagram and even after the death of a person. Therefore, people also do their legal will so that their data can be passed on to their heirs.

These services are being provided to us free of charge by these companies, valued at billions of dollars. This may have surprised you, but the fact is that the users of these services have become one product. These internet companies treat you and your data as a product by collecting your personal information and making huge profits.

However, you can definitely back up your data on computers, cell phones and other devices. First of all, you should give up the bad habit of taking WhatsApp chats screenshot. Starting today, you should also stop automatic backup of your data in the cloud storage.

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