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Do not install Android 11 when listening to music on Android Auto

The release of Android 11 for the first wave of devices was good news for the Android Auto world as well, as Android Auto Wireless was unlocked for all devices with the new operating system version.

However, as more and more smartphones are upgraded to Android 11, Android Auto users are encountering new issues, some of which will significantly affect the app experience.

While some discovered the Calendar app was gone, others lost the weather information and notification support after upgrading their smartphones to Android 11.

And now, some are facing music playback issues as the audio in Android Auto is in the process of being interrupted with a device that has just been updated to the latest mobile OS from Google.

The problem was first reported just hours after Google announced Android 1

1. Now, more people seem to notice similar behavior regardless of which app they are using, be it Spotify, YouTube Music or others.

The whole thing happens with Android Auto Wired, so it’s not caused by the new wireless mode that has been unlocked for all devices running Android 11. The general workarounds that will clear the cache and data for the Android Auto app and music player using it in the car doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Others seem to have a slightly different problem with the music player. The Bluetooth connection is in the process of being lost when an application is playing music on Android Auto. For now, this problem seems to be more prevalent after updating to Android 11.

All of these problems usually appear on Google’s Pixel phones as they are among the first to come with the new operating system. For example, Samsung devices are still running Android 10. The update to Android 11 should be offered at the end of 2020 Select Devices.

Google hasn’t looked at all of these issues so far, and as of now, no one really knows if the first bug fix update for Android 11 will include patches for Android Auto users as well.

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