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Do you need a Sweet Galaxy S20 case? We have a list for you

I’m sorry to say, but I’ve become a fall snob. I was not always like that. In fact, I hated phone cases a few years ago and always preferred to keep my phone naked. Since phones are nothing more than glass and fingerprint magnets these days, I̵

7;ve become one with the case. I appreciate their ability to hold my phone securely and add a little more volume to these increasingly slimmer phone bodies to ensure a better grip.

If you are looking for a new case for a model of the Galaxy S20 on the market, I am here to tell you Gear4 offers some good options to consider when searching. The following cases include models for the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 +, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Let’s go through a few of them, shall we?

The main highlight of the new Gear4 series is that Hackney 5G Housing with D30 (thin, advanced impact protection material) and “5G Signal Plus” technology. This technology uses micro-cavities to allow a stronger 5G signal to pass through the case. Here is a video breakdown of the events. Priced at $ 49.99, you get the Hackney 5G case for every Galaxy S20 model.

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Another personal favorite of mine in the lineup is the Oxford Eco. This case is not only a case for protecting the phone, but also serves as a large wallet. Oxford has credit card slots, a stand function and antimicrobial protection and is made from recycled plastics for which I am everything. It also comes with D30 material that offers up to 13 feet. fall protection. Oxford Eco costs $ 50.

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If you need serious fall protection, that’s it Battersea is where it is. At a price of $ 50, this case offers up to 16 feet. Fall protection and still offers a soft-touch design. The case has antimicrobial protection and is also compatible with wireless charging.

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Let’s say you don’t want to spend $ 50 on a case. This is normal for you. If the price is a factor that’s $ 30 Wembley is a great option and offers 10ft. of fall protection, antimicrobial protection and hardened corner protection. It’s also one of the cases where you feel better when you’re in your hand.

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And while protecting the back of your Galaxy S20, don’t forget the front. Personally, I don’t use protective glass, but I know many of you. If you need something to protect your glass, InvisibleShield has two models of screen protectors to choose from for the Galaxy S20 series – Ultra VisionGuard + and Ultra Clear +.

While both offer a glass-like feel, an antimicrobial coating and self-healing nano-memory technology, the VisionGuard + has Eyesafe technology, which protects against increased exposure to high-energy blue light without changing the screen colors or the peak resolution. If you don’t have blue light, the standard Clear + model is available for $ 30.

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Special note: I can’t use all of these things myself. So keep an eye out for a giveaway that is coming soon!

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