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Download new Chrome today to add a feature Google has been promising for months

Anyone who enjoys surfing the Internet with Google Chrome should definitely go to the settings menu and hit the “refresh” button. That’s because, months after it was first released, Chrome fans can access a new feature that groups tabs together so they’re all easier to find.

It’s a really useful upgrade, especially for anyone who has endless tabs open and can never find what they’re looking for.

Group tabs are a very simple concept. All you have to do is right-click any open tab and select “Add tab to new group” from the drop-down menu. From here you can change the group’s color and even give it a name to keep things organized. Once that̵

7;s done, you can just click on other tabs and drag them into the group.

You can form as many groups as you want, though Google limited the color options to eight, which is probably just enough for most people’s needs.

To check that your browser is up to date, just click Chrome in the menu bar, then click About Chrome. Your browser will then check for updates before prompting you to restart the software.

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Google is trying to improve the ad experience by preventing advertisers from composing messages that use large, poorly compressed images and videos.

This update has been available in the browsers as of this week, but it may take some time for the publications to be rolled out to everyone by Google. So be patient.

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