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Dr. Dispect is subtly toasting Ninja’s Twitch announcement on the stream

Ninja’s return to Twitch as part of an exclusive deal was big news for most of the gaming world – but not for two-time champion Dr. Dispect, who made a subtle shot at the announcement while streaming on YouTube.

Dr. Dispect has been banned from Twitch forever unknown reasons in June 2020. It was a loss to one of the platform̵

7;s most popular streamers, but in a completely controversial and mysterious way than the previous year’s loss of Ninja and Shroud to hopeful rival Mixer.

Like Doc, who took a hiatus and little vacation from streaming before returning to YouTube, both Ninja and Shroud took their time after Mixer shockingly folded in June before deciding to return as well. Shroud made his return Post Twitch in early August, but it took Ninja longer to consider his options – he tried an impromptu YouTube test stream in July and a surprise Twitch stream in early August. Finally ninja done on September 10th on Twitch, causing the Doc to take a very subtle shot at the couple at the start of his stream.

Dr. Dispect settled on its stream, which would focus almost entirely on the Vikkstar Warzone Showdown tournament, and cleverly alluded to the news from Ninja and Twitch. With the announcement just an hour before Doc was due to start, he took a short break to shout-outs new Champions Club members to get a subtle taste of the lack of news that day.

The two-time champion, the 6’8-inch streaming dynamo, paused to talk about its 37-inch vertical to look around the room and ask if there is “big news that we’re about today speak? Something? Nothing? ”Before shrugging, wrapping it up with an“ I figured ”and talking about his upcoming tournament.

Although Ninja only streamed on Twitch once in a year or so, he still has the most followers on the platform by far. With just over 15 million followers, the difference between him and the second most (Tfue, at around 9 million) is as big as the difference between the second most and … the 17th most. It was obviously big news, but not worthy of the doctor’s attention.

Later the doc actually appeared on both of them Nadeshot and Crimsix’s Twitch Channels when he spoke to them in the lobbies prior to their Warzone tournament play. Another reference to Twitch, where Doc Crimsix asked about gifted submarines, made the two mumble about awkwardness.

It remains to be seen what happens between Dr. Dispect and Twitch happened, but for now, both sides seem content to just pretend the other doesn’t exist.

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