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Dr. Disrespect breaks the silence, but Twitch still refuses to say what’s going on

What You Probably Heard: Three months after he signed an exclusive two-year contract with Twitch for a “life-changing” amount of money, Twitch Guy Beahm, aka Dr. Dispect, for something he has done, “permanently prohibited” violation of corporate rules.

What you may think: It is too coincidental that the sudden disappearance of his channel occurs the day after Twitch’s announcement to permanently ban streamer for sexual harassment and assault.

The truth: We don’t currently know if Twitch Has even bahm banned, let alone the facts about why disrespect disappeared on Friday because the company has repeatedly refused to confirm even a ban The edge ̵

1; and refused to deny it a new statement from Beahm Twitch claims tonight I won’t even tell him What’s happening.

It is Beahm’s first word since his channel suddenly disappeared from Twitch on Friday afternoon, and it is meant to clearly indicate that Twitch is wrong. Maybe he knows exactly what’s going on and hides behind the words “specific reason”, but we have no current evidence to support this something At the moment, neither Twitch nor Dispect have confirmed that it is suspended, much less banned, much less permanent. To be honest, we haven’t seen anything that precludes the possibility of Dispect breaking away from Twitch for whatever reason, as unlikely as it may be.

The idea that he was banned permanently came originally from sources that spoke anonymously about others on Twitter – and both the people tweet have since stated that they were unwilling or unable to share the reason for it. Kotaku has since confirmed a ban with three additional sources, but for an unexplainable reason at the moment, Twitch won’t go that far. In the past we have occasionally seen companies do this because they prefer the current global understanding of a situation, even if that understanding is wrong.

The only thing Twitch has provided is this statement, which refused to connect to Beahm, even when we explained that it leaves the possibility open that Beahm has not been banned.

“As is our process, we take appropriate action if we have evidence that a streamer violated our community policies or terms of use. These apply to all streamers, regardless of status or awareness in the community. “

It is entirely possible that everything will be announced in due course, and all publications that currently report that Dr. Dispect has been permanently banned, will subsequently appear to be justified. Maybe there is also a very good reason why some facts have to be withheld.

The only facts that are currently available are that Dr. Dispect has disappeared from Twitch. Twitch and Beahm won’t say why; and a lot of people wonder when we all know.

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