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Dr. Disrespect Finally video game character, gets its own rogue company map

Dr. Dispect is making his video game debut as a playable character in Rogue Company, and its streaming headquarters is the game̵

7;s newest map.

The self-proclaimed two-time world champion in video game, Dr. disrespectis finally a video game character that players can take control of in the multiplayer shooter Rogue Company. After a rather controversial year for Dr. Dispect has come back into play (in the truest sense of the word) and has achieved an achievement like never before.

Dr. Dispect set up its own card Rogue Company since the beginning of August. What started as a tweet from The Doc to Rogue Company to design a map turned into a challenge. Doc was given 24 hours to do a basic design for the card. A week later, Dr. Disresepct a 3D model of the map titled “The Arena,” which is inspired by its own multi-million dollar streaming headquarters. Dr. Disrespect and Rogue Company have revealed parts of the map over the course of two months to date.

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The doors of the arena were thrown wide open today Rogue Company finally, Dr. Dispect’s own card. However, the highlight of today’s release wasn’t the card itself, but the revelation that Dr. Dispect himself became a playable character Rogue Company. The Doc posted the The Arena trailer on his Twitter, in which Dr. Dispect’s voice was seen on a tour of the finished area around The Arena. In the closing seconds of the trailer, it was revealed that the players were wearing Dr. Dispect Dallas could buy to play twice.

For fans of The Doc, the map of The Arena seems familiar, as it uses the same visual aspects as the famous streaming headquarters of Dr. Dispect. From the gym to the bar to the Lamborgini, the arena is open to players. Dr. Dispect Dallas is also equipped with the most popular language lines from The Doc. While The Doc has worked with other games in the past to bring its own weapon skins to life, Dr. Disrepesct perfectly modeled for the first time in a video game.

It’s always exciting when a well-known streamer is brought into a video game. It was a big deal when ninja got their own skin Fourteen daysAnd every time a streamer turns a piece of their brand into a video game, this community rejoices. There is no doubt that the Champions Club has always wanted Dr. disrespect appear in a video game, and the number of people who post theirs Rogue Company Purchases show how excited his community is that The Doc is finally a playable video game character.

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