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Dyson does not make an electric car anymore

Illustration : Dyson

Despite the development of a specialized knowledge in Regarding Batteries and Electric Motors Over the years, James Dyson, CEO of announced in an email to the staff that was sent today to The Verge that his company made his plans Citing concerns that it could find no way to make it commercially viable, Dyson's aspirations for electric cars were first announced to the world when James revealed this The Company ] actually had 400 employees who had already been working over the last two and a half years on the development of battery technology that was supposed to power the vehicle. At that time the company had pledged a whopping $ 2.7 billion for the project hoping that the vehicle would make its debut sometime in 2020. However, this timing was slightly adjusted last year when Dyson announced plans for a new electric vehicle production facility in Singapore to be opened in 2021.

According to James Dyson's e-mail, the company's engineers had successfully designed the electric vehicle. B Throughout the development process it became clear that Dyson was unable to bring his creation from design through production to consumer workshops while still being a profitable undertaking for the company was.

In the future, the company will focus its efforts on other technologies, including batteries, vision systems, and robotics and AI, and it is confident that the 600-strong team that has worked on the electric car will find roles other departments, products and research and development activities of the company.

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