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EcoReco L5 + test: A city-friendly, robust electric scooter

Lemon cake. Dark chocolate chip cookies. Dulce de Leche brownies. I’m not to attempt to make you drool. These are just a few of the items my partner baked and delivered to some friends and family in Brooklyn last month. But it was a hot summer in New York. In order not to arrive sweaty, I put these goodies on an electric scooter – the EcoReco L5 +.

New Yorkers accepted electric scooters much faster than I expected. Every time I venture past my neighborhood, the bike paths are full of people riding electric bikes, regular bikes, and e-scooters (and occasionally onewheels). The recent legalization of all e-bikes and e-scooters in the city is most likely the answer, but these vehicles have become fast the Responding to general caution in using public transport during the pandemic.

The L5 + is bulky but well built. It made me leisurely visit people I haven̵

7;t seen in months. (I wear a face mask and of course I stand 6 feet away from them!) Unlike my bike, I can never sweat and bring it inside so I don’t have to wear a lock to secure it outside. and worry if someone steals it. It even became my shopping cart in the store. I’ve put about 50 miles on this scooter in the past two months and it’s hard to imagine quarantining in our new American life without it.

This type of convenience is costly. The L5 + is the top scooter from EcoReco and costs an impressive $ 999 reduced Price.

Muscular and tough

Photo: EcoReco

The L5 + was such a joy to drive that I consider skipping the unlimited subway pass whenever possible to get back to the office and find my way around electrically (if I don’t want to ride a bike, that is). Part of what makes this possible is the front and rear suspension. They make driving on rough roads much more bearable than some scooters. You will still feel these bumps, but not so much that your teeth will chatter.

On my travels I became less careful with small potholes. The thick tires filled with polyurethane passed over them without any problems. (This also means you never have to inflate or wait for it!) I came across a milled road that was so bumpy that I jumped and walked for a while, but it sails on smoother roads.

The wide foot deck is also useful. I can put my two feet firmly next to or on top of each other and have a lot of space. I have size 13 shoes, so I thought I would have to turn my back foot to the side to fit, but I didn’t have to – this made for a more comfortable ride. I’m 6’4 “too, but the handlebars of the L5 + could be extended high enough that I didn’t have to bend over.

The aluminum and stainless steel frame is sturdy – with the exception of the stand and the LED dashboard, which feel a little weaker. The handlebars are handy and easy to hold, but the stem can feel shaky when driving over rough roads – although this didn’t cause any major problems.

The stem can be folded all the way back and the handlebars can be turned down for storage. EcoReco offers easy storage under furniture such as sofas, but the wheels are high and the deck is so much higher than other e-scooters that it takes almost 13 inches of space. It is also difficult. The L5 + weighs 38 pounds. It’s as heavy as an electric folding bike I’m testing. It’s not as bad as the 46-pound Boosted Rev, but it’s hard to carry around.

It’s quick too

The L5 + is heavy and bulky, but also fast. It is powered by a rear wheel drive hub motor and I have often driven between 20 and 25 miles an hour. I got past cars that were immersed in the sluggish traffic and raced past most cyclists easily. Walking up a few steep hills in Brooklyn wasn’t a problem either, although my speed dropped quite a bit. If it is too fast, you can regulate the speed of the scooter and limit it to 7 or 12 miles per hour.

Be careful when braking. It has a single rear drum brake and won’t stop you as quickly as you might expect. It’s a good idea to take your fingers off the accelerator and slow down before you have to stop. The scooter slips a bit during these hard stops, but I’ve found that the best way to mitigate this is to lean in the back foot.

The LED dashboard lights up and is pretty visible on sunny days. It shows details such as battery life, speed, odometer and driving distance. And there is No App that I honestly count as a blessing. I just want to get in and go. I don’t want to mess around with an app and a Bluetooth connection.

As with all electric vehicles, your range depends on factors such as your weight, height, road conditions and much more. EcoReco claims that the 48-volt lithium-ion battery can reach 14 to 28 miles per charge, and I usually got to the bottom of it, and often 16 to 20 miles per charge, before I had to juice it again. This allowed me to use it for several short trips for three to four days.

On one particular trip, I forgot to top up two bars (out of five), but I did a 7-mile trip. It was stressful. The LED dashboard said that I was out of juice when I was about a mile from home, and I was afraid I would have to push it back. Pushing with one leg is cumbersome because the deck is about 7 inches above the floor. Fortunately, it still had about 15 percent juice after the bars were discharged, so you should always have enough to go the extra mile, though on steep hills it will be difficult when you are about to discharge the battery.

The scooter should be fine if you get into a storm (be careful when skidding). However, wipe it off quickly and prevent moisture in the electronics. There is also no built-in front light, which should be included considering the price (you have to pay extra for it). At least there is a small rear light.

A worthy ride

Photo: EcoReco

The L5 + has some other smart features like Safe Start that prevent the e-scooter from jerking forward if you accidentally hit the throttle. It will not accelerate unless the wheels are rolled a little. There is also a quarter inch thread mount where you can attach various accessories, e.g. B. a phone holder, a DSLR camera or a GoPro – everything that supports this size.

If you are concerned about longevity, you can buy spare parts from EcoReco (the wheels are particularly easy to replace), and you can find all kinds of self-repair tutorials on the YouTube channel. Unfortunately, the guarantees for the e-scooters are too short and only cover you for six months (nine months if you register them). There are also several complaints that customer service on the company’s Facebook page receives little or no response, which is worrying. I asked the company about it, and the following is a condensed answer I received:

“We always apologize, own and correct our mistakes if a problem with the scooter is inconvenient to the customer or if we did not respond to a service request in time. We are 100 percent behind the quality of our product and we will repair or replace it Device whenever there were manufacturing defects. Against this background, we also run the company according to our ethics and principles. We do not give in to our customers’ demands for free products / services without understanding, just because they threaten to blackmail us on social media. “

The company said it responded to all Facebook reviews, “except for a few cases that are obvious trolls or company policy disputes.” You can find these guidelines here.

In any case, driving the L5 + has only been fun in the past two months. You can find cheaper electric scooters (EcoReco itself has cheaper models like the S5, which starts at $ 600. However, if you want to ride on rough terrain and want the greatest possible range, it may be worth the extra money to get in for spring drive top model and enjoy a more comfortable ride.

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