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Eero 6 Mesh Router Introduced: Amazon Updates to Wi-Fi 6 for the Work-from-Home Era

Eero-Pro table top

The new Eero Pro 6 is the company’s most powerful mesh router to date.


Last year, Amazon bought the mesh networking startup Eero, then released immediately a new, cheaper version of the Eero Mesh Router. Now, just a year later, the company is back with two new mesh routers: Eero 6 and Eero Pro 6. As the names make it clear, both support the new systems Wi-Fi 6 – the latest and fastest version of Wi-Fi.

“Today more than ever, customers need reliable home WiFi,” said Nick Weaver, co-founder and CEO of Eero. “Many of us are to work from home, Help kids learn online, keep in touch with friends and family, and stream and play in 4K – often at the same time. The Eero 6 series is the fastest Eero series to date, bringing our customers the speed and reliability of Wi-Fi 6 at an affordable price. ”

Eero-6-3 units

The new Eero 6 Mesh Router is now available for pre-order.


The price in question – $ 279 for a three-part dual-band system – is just $ 30 higher than the price of the previous version of Eero when it started last year. ONE two-part Eero 6 system is also available for $ 199, while a single Eero 6 router alone will cost you $ 129.

That two-part $ 199 system is probably a good starting point for most – and you can add it anytime you want additional extenders to expand your network for $ 89 each.


The Eero Pro 6 devices are slightly wider than the regular Eero 6 devices, but almost identical in design.


Those who want to spend more on a faster Tribero Eero system with an additional 5 GHz band for improved performance can pay off for the Eero Pro 6 Triple pack is $ 599, with the two-pack for $ 399 and a Single router costs $ 229.

With multiple devices for forwarding a stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi signal Throughout your home, Eero’s mesh routers have a good track record of reliability and ease of use in our tests. With the additional support of Wi-Fi 6 you can take advantage of the benefits Wonky new features like OFDMA and 1024QAM This makes Wi-Fi faster and better suited to situations where many devices are trying to connect at the same time.

In terms of speed, Eero says the Eero 6 system is designed for homes with internet connections up to 500Mbps – half the speed of a standard gigabit connection. That’s faster than last year’s Eero, but a bit slow compared to bombastic Wi-Fi 6 standards, with routers regularly making big promises for multigig top speeds. Claims like these are often grossly overratedHowever, Amazon and Eero seem more interested in positioning this system as a Wi-Fi 6 value pick. The face-to-face conversation about speed is quite refreshing to be honest.

Even so, 500Mbps is roughly a third of the top speed we’ve seen The fastest Wi-Fi 6 speed test our lab has ever seen. Other higher performing mesh routers that support Wi-Fi 6, including the Asus ZenWiFi AX and the Netgear Orbi AX6000also achieved top speeds of well over 500 Mbit / s in our tests. Two packs of these cost $ 450 and $ 700, respectively.

This is where the Eero Pro 6 comes in. Eero says it is designed for gigabit connections and that the two-pack costs $ 399. If it can keep up with competitors like this, for me it’s an easy upgrade choice to recommend.

Eero also does a good job of keeping home networks secure through regular, automatic security updates for all Eero devices. That approach will continue with the new routers, and the company will continue to offer advanced privacy and parental controls for $ 2.99 per month with an Eero Secure subscription. A new Eero Secure Plus subscription adds 1Password password management, Malwarebytes malware protection and Encrypt.me VPN access for a total of $ 9.99 per month.

The routers have built-in ZigBee radios that they can use to connect to things like Smart Locks and Philips Hue Smart LightsPlus, they’ll continue to work with Alexa so you can pair them with an Echo speaker and then tell Amazon’s assistant to cut off the kids’ WiFi if they misbehave (including tricks). However, Eero devices do not contain built-in microphones or their own speakers Google’s Nest Wifiand they are not used as bridges for Amazon sidewalkat least not yet. My guess is that Amazon wants to position Eero as a more privacy-focused alternative to Nest.

There is also a lack of support for Wi-Fi 6EThis is used to refer to routers and devices that can be accessed A huge swath of newly activated 6 GHz bandwidth. The first such routers should arrive At the end of this yearbut Eero will not be among them.

In a short conversation with CNET after the event, Eero founder and CEO Nick Weaver stated that Wi-Fi 6E really only makes sense for tri-band routers where the 6 GHz spectrum can serve as a third additional band, without replacing the existing 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz band. Possibly that goes well with Eero Pro, but Weaver wouldn’t comment on the company’s plans for future hardware.

Each of the new Eero systems are available for pre-order starting today from Amazon and will be available from major retailers later this year. Eero also plans to offer the routers through participating ISPs, home builders and custom installers. We’ll test them both as soon as we can get our hands on them. So be curious about these reviews.

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