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Eero Pro WiFi routers receive the DFS function in the latest software update

The company has announced that the eero Pro tri-band WiFi router now supports automatic dynamic frequency selection (DFS) for users in the USA and Canada. The new function is included in eeroOS version 3.19.0. It offers improved reliability and speed, and helps reduce interference. This latest version of the software is automatically installed on the routers and also brings bug fixes and stability improvements.

Simply put, dynamic frequency selection allows eero Pro routers to use certain 5 GHz channels that are normally reserved for critical services such as radar. This relieves congestion and improves network reliability and performance. Eero describes this as using empty express lanes on a freeway that allow traffic to switch to new lanes to reduce congestion on the other lanes.

The DFS system monitors these channels and ensures that they are free of radar signals before they are used. If these radar signals come through the pipeline, the router must turn off the channel to give priority to this signal. This allows the router to use the channels when they are available without interfering with the other critical services they use.

The eero Pro nodes have two 5 GHz radios, one of which can monitor the channels and the other can serve the network traffic. Users don̵

7;t need to do anything to use or activate this feature. It is automatically available in the USA and Canada as soon as eeroOS version 3.19.0 is installed on the device.

The router has an Automatic Channel Selection (ACS) feature that checks channel conditions to determine if a DFS channel can be used or if there are signals that require the router to use a different channel for a while. The ACS function selects the best channel for your home network and then performs a channel availability check (CAC) to ensure that it can transmit on the channel.

Overall, according to eero, customers can expect a “better connectivity experience”.

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