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EE's mega-60GB deal for just £ 20 / pm (SIM only) is still going strong after Black Friday

EE is the network everyone seems to want to be in, and as the UK's fastest 4G network, we can understand why. The only problem is that the network not only has a high speed, but tends to have the highest price. Fortunately, this was a problem that EE managed to successfully overcome over the Black Friday savings period by taking out a pretty massive SIM deal only. With 60GB of data priced at just £ 20, EE has outperformed its lower-priced competitors.

And with Black Friday, which can be found in the distance in our rearview mirror, EE's Big Data SIMO seems to be taking a little more time to deal with it.

With the exception of Three Mobile's unbeatable unlimited data plan for only £ 1

8 a month, you will find it difficult to find such a SIMO, especially at EEs Superfast 4G speeds.

Below you will find everything you need to know about this EE offer. Or, to compare what's currently available, take a quick look at our SIM only deals guide.

EE's big-data SIM-only deal:

What other SIM-only deals are currently available?

As As mentioned above, a deal in which EE will have difficulty winning from three. Three offers an unlimited data cap for only £ 18 per month and is currently the market leader.

On the cheap side, Smarty Mobile rocks a 45GB data plan at a cost of just £ 15 a month. And with this deal you have a permanent contract of one month. This means you can stay as long as you like and go if you want. ID Mobile's 2 GB dataset for the "6 GBP" option might be ideal.

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