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Electric cars should be 80% of the new vehicles sold by 2028, the area of ​​LA strives

More EVs, please, says LA.

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What will determine the California Waivers and its ability to set stricter emission and fuel consumption standards will be left to the courts on the initiative of the Trump administration. However, this does not prevent the Los Angeles region from advancing big goals.

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator announced last week that its newest zero-emissions roadmap will see 80% of new cars sold as battery-powered. At the same time, 30% of light passenger cars on the road should be electric at the same time.

That is, frankly, a massive increase in the introduction of electric cars. Even in California today we are nowhere close to these sales figures for electric vehicles. One reason for this is the recharge of the infrastructure, but the cost of electric cars remains a concern. However, the LA region and its incubator group believe that this plan will serve as a blueprint for cities in the US and even around the world to reduce emissions. How the area wants to accelerate the sale of electric vehicles is not very clear, unless the EV cost parity with the internal combustion engine is reached in the next decade, which could be very good for more electric cars is also planned to take action to more Remove vehicles from the road. The ambitious plan envisages that 20% of all trips, which are usually undertaken with a single occupancy vehicle, will be converted to emission-free public transport, cycling or other means of transport.

This requires some investment to which the plan relates. It explicitly states that public investment in related infrastructures is needed to advance these objectives for approval. By 2028, the LA region also wants to turn the I-71

0 into an emission-free corridor.

If the area meets these targets, greenhouse gas emissions will decrease by a further 25% over current plans to reduce clean air emissions in the area. This is not coincidentally the moment when the world gets a good overview of the area at the Olympic Games 2028

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