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Elon Musk forgets Baby X Æ A-12’s name during the interview

Elon Musk and Grimes caused a stir when they named their new son X Æ A-12, but just four months after the boy’s birth, it appears that Musk is already struggling to remember his name.

If a family member forgets your name for a moment, it’s not uncommon, especially if you have siblings. There have been cases where my grandmother listed everyone in my extended family before she finally got it right, but I don’t take it personally because there are some of us out there.

It could be different, however, if the person who forgot my name is my own father and did so only a few months after I was born. Oh, what if I had the not-so-memorable name X Æ A-1


See what happened when Musk slipped on his son’s name for a moment:

To be fair to the CEO, between his work with Tesla, SpaceX and trying to get chips into people’s heads, there’s a lot going on, and he might not have expected a visit to Giga Berlin, a manufacturing facility, after his Son to be asked for Tesla, which is currently under construction in Germany.

Still, you’d think he’d understood it quickly when one of the reporters on the spot asked, “How is X Æ A-12?”

Musk asked them to repeat the question before they laughed and replied, “Oh, you mean my child.”

I have to say, I think Musk’s laughter at the situation was a little unjustified; After all, there aren’t many things that the sequence ‘X Æ A-12’ could refer to, especially when directed to Musk. However, the CEO went on to say that giving his son’s name “sounds like a password” before adding that the little boy was “great.”

I think the next time I bring him I might come back in a few months and bring him with me.

During an appearance on Rogan’s podcast earlier this year, Musk commented:

I mean, it’s just X, the letter X. And then the Æ is pronounced like ‘ashes’. And then A-12,

Correctly pronouncing X Æ A-12 is likely to remain one of life’s great mysteries forever, but at least one good thing has emerged from Musk’s mistake – your new password.

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