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Elon Musk re-opens Tesla plant in violation of the county health regulations

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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has turned uninformed emissions into a one-man sport. contrary opinions about the novel coronavirus pandemic. He has repeatedly made inaccurate predictions that the whole thing is exaggerated and will soon be over, he told the workers keep popping up at The Tesla plant in California was opened despite the regulations for the closing of non-essential companies and has recently come onto the market “FREE AMERICA NOW” Bandwagon urges state and local governments to end the shutdowns to slow the virus down.

The Tesla plant was closed on clear warnings from the Alameda County Sheriff Department that manufacturing electric cars is not a major business Consequences could follow if Tesla did not respect the order to close the county. Musk claims that is somehow one Form of fascismand the subject has already exhausted his admittedly limited patience reserves. Tesla filed a lawsuit against the county on May 9, asking the courts to “void the county orders if the county claims they are preventing Tesla from resuming operations.” On Monday, operations in Fremont apparently resumed with the facility’s parking lot allegedly full of cars and the CEO says he’s ready to go to jail.

Musk as if standing in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square instead of endangering the health of its workers and the public. tweeted on Monday “Tesla is restarting production against Alameda County’s rules today.” In a gesture of magnanimity (or challenge), he added: “I will be in line with everyone else. If someone is arrested, I just ask. “

In other tweets, Musk said: “California agreed [the reopening], but an unelected district official has illegally overridden. “He also claimed that Tesla was picked out for some reason.

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According to reports, Tesla has informed employees that they have no choice but to follow Musk to the brim. Three Tesla workers Business Insider said They were ordered by text to show up for work on Monday. Two said they had received text messages or phone calls, and one said they would be informed that if they did not show up, their benefits would be terminated and they would not be unemployed. The others said they had been informed that their vacation status might be at risk. The third said Tesla actually went into production on the weekend, not Monday. Similar reports were reported by CNBC.

A long blog post The Tesla website affirmed the company’s legal claim that, according to the California State Shutdown Ordinance, “national critical infrastructure, including vehicle manufacturing such as the Tesla plant in Fremont, was considered important and was permitted to continue operating. “

“Alameda County insists we should not resume operations,” the blog post confirmed before shaking off a list of the health and safety precautions the company had taken to reopen.

This is particularly puzzling, as Business Insider found, since California Governor Gavin Newsom said Monday he was working to resume production and believed Tesla would work out a solution that would enable the company to move on to the next Open again week. Alameda County also had replied in court files that it was working with Tesla on a “collaborative, gullible effort” to speed up the reopening of the Fremont facility.

Newsom seemed surprised on Monday when Tesla was informed, according to CNBC, saying, “My understanding is that when I went on the podium today, it wasn’t. I’m trying to monitor hundreds of thousands of companies across the state of California.” According to the Associated PressHe also dismissed the county health directors as responsible for implementing restrictions and said he believed the dispute was “one that we can work through at the county level.”

Musk was stripped of his role as Chairman of the Tesla Board in 2018 as part of a settlement tweeted with the Securities and Exchange Commission claiming Tesla would go public at $ 420. The SEC viewed this as stock manipulation; Musk claimed the agency was tyrannical and with his respect. Earlier this month he did Wiped $ 14 billion by tweeting Tesla’s stock value “The Tesla stock price is too high imo.” Ben Edwards, professor at the UNLV’s William S. Boyd School of Law tweeted This musk appears to be on thin ice as Tesla is registered in Delaware, where directors and officers are prohibited from knowing or violating the law and are personally liable for it.

According to CNBC, Shawn Wilson, the Fremont District Overseer’s office on Alameda County’s spokesman, said in a statement, “If Tesla violates the order, it would be the Fremont Police Department’s decision to enforce or not enforce it.”

The Alameda County Sheriff and Alameda County Public Health Service informed CNBC that they had informed Tesla that they were violating the county regulations by opening beyond the minimum basic operations without “an approved plan that The order can be implemented in accordance with local public health. “They added that the two agencies” look forward to reviewing Tesla’s plan and agreeing on the protocol and a schedule for safe reopening. ”

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