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Elon Musk responds to the impressive portrayal of the future launch

The SpaceX spaceship is facing its greatest challenge yetand a new rendering shows the ship in action.

On Wednesday, Minnesota-based 3D amateur artist Bart Caldwell shared a rendering of the spacecraft under development that was completing its scheduled test launch via Twitter. The “SN8” prototype currently under construction at the Boca Chica plant in Texas is expected to fly 15 kilometers in the air – the highest value a spacecraft has ever achieved and a major step towards full orbital flight.

“More great renderings!” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wrote in response to the rendering. “Significant improvements in the welds.”


It’s the latest in a series of stunning renders from Caldwell, better known as “Neopork” in the Reddit and Twitter SpaceX communities. A visualization in June 2020 showed how the starship was able to deploy 240 Starlink satellites simultaneously, a huge improvement over the 60 sent by a single Falcon 9. Another rendering released the following month showed the Starship fairing with the Falcon 9 inside.

Caldwell responds to Musk’s recent comments Inverse for being grateful to Musk and the team for developing the Starship system that “captivated the space community and the world.”

Caldwell’s render.Bart Caldwell

“I dreamed again and felt inspired by the future, which is really important to me as a person and as an artist,” says Caldwell. “The great response from the space community has been the greatest reward for me, but Elon Musk himself, who compliments my work, is just a cherry on top and means a lot.”

Caldwell’s render.Bart Caldwell

In addition to the two pictures Musk spotted on Twitter, Caldwell also shared with Inverse four more renderings of the ship from different angles.

The SN8 landing is on fire.Bart Caldwell

Caldwell’s renderings offer a range of impressive design flairs. In this case, fans can see the “mach diamonds” that form behind an engine. These diamonds have been seen in real-life Raptor tests, and they are formed by shock waves of high pressure gas that expands into a low pressure atmosphere.

On the stand with folded flaps.Bart Caldwell

The ship is expected to tackle SpaceX’s most daring missions. The spaceship was designed for launches currently being carried out by Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy. It will send up to 150 tons or 100 people into space at a time. The fully reusable design, powered by liquid oxygen and methane, enables astronauts to fly to Mars, refuel with a depot built on the planet, and either return home or continue on their way to a ‘planet -Hopping “network of fuel depots.

The ship with the pipes visible.Bart Caldwell

The expectations are high. In November 2018, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson even stated that the planet-hopping network could “vaporize” an “entire category of wars” due to the abundance of resources available in space.

A bottom view of the ship.Bart Caldwell

SN8 is the final step towards this ambitious ship. SpaceX completed a “hop test” at 500 feet in August 2019 with a miniaturized spaceship called the Starhopper. The following month, Musk introduced a full-size prototype called the “Mk.1”. The full-size “SN5” model was brought to 500 feet in August 2020.

Unlike previous launches that used a single Raptor engine, the SN8 uses three Raptor engines in a triangle configuration. These engines were installed last weekend. The final model will include the same three Raptor engines at sea level, as well as three larger Raptors designed for the vacuum of space.

The final setup could be a lot bigger. The ship itself measures 30 feet wide and 160 feet high. When combined with the Super Heavy booster, which is expected to have 28 Raptor engines, the full configuration can be around 400 feet tall.

The Inverse analysis – Musk is deeply supportive of fan-made Starship renders and encourages artists inspired by SpaceX’s efforts. Erik Corshammar, who lives in Sweden and whose work was praised by Musk last week, said Inverse that he believes Musk’s involvement “has been a major contributor to the growing excitement about space in general”.

In many ways, artistic engagement plays a central role in the Starship project. The “Dear Moon” voyage around the moon, planned for 2023, will take six to eight artists around the moon, while the design of the ship is similar to the ships seen in The adventures of Tintin.

As the first launch nears orbit, expect more artistic engagement for this visually striking ship.


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