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Elon Musk Says Tesla will “one day” produce “high efficiency home HVAC” with HEPA filtering – TechCrunch

Elon Musk previously touted the Tesla’s lauded “Bioweapons Defense Mode” Vehicles that are designed to provide excellent air quality in the car even in catastrophic conditions, also thanks to the highly efficient HEPA air filtration. Now, Musk has said on Twitter that he hopes to one day offer similar air filtration along with home HVAC systems.

While Tesla is primarily an automaker, it is already active in the home power and power generation space thanks to the SolarCity acquisition. its current production of solar rooftop products and its commercial building using Tesla batteries for storing electricity generated from green sources in the home. While it didn̵

7;t seem to be taking any steps to break into other parts of housing or infrastructure, HVAC systems would actually be a logical extension of its business as they make up a significant part of a home’s total energy consumption. depending on its heating and cooling sources.

Increasing HVAC efficiency in homes would have the added benefit of making Tesla’s other household energy products more appealing to consumers, as it would likely help achieve true off-grid (or near-grid) self-sufficiency.

As for the company’s HEPA filtering, Tesla takes bioweapons defense mode very seriously, despite the funny name. A 2016 blog post detailed what went into the system design and tested data to support claims of a HEPA filter that is “ten times more efficient than standard automotive filters.” While Tesla doesn’t cite wildfires in this post, it lists “California highways during rush hour, smelly swamps, cow pastures in the Central Valley of California, and big cities in China” in terms of the challenges it wanted to handle.

Many experts predict that the wildfires that are currently devastating large swaths of the US west coast will only worsen if environmental conditions continue to suffer from the effects of climate change. With that in mind, and given Tesla’s larger business goals of offering a range of products that neutralize or reduce the environmental impact of its customers, more efficient and effective HVAC products for the home don’t seem that far outside of operational expertise.

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