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Elon Musk Study: Twitter Habits of Billionaires Scrutinize | technology

Has Elon Musk "attempted to recognize the bailout in any way" that saved 12 young Thai footballers and their coach from immediate death in the Tham Luang Cave network last summer?

That was the question in the center about the second day of the billionaire entrepreneur's testimony in the defamation case of the British speleologist Vernon Unsworth. The trial before a federal court in Los Angeles will determine if Musk's tweet of July 1

5, 2018, in which he described Unsworth as a "pedo guy", was a defamation.

"Not at all," Musk replied to the question of borrowing from his lawyer Alex Spiro on Wednesday morning. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX noticed that he had modestly tweeted about the efforts of his engineering team, which built a miniature submarine, which he delivered to the rescue center. "Thanks, but we have not done anything useful yet," read a tweet. "It's all other people."

On the witness stand, Musk added, "The pump and generator team deserve immense recognition here, and nobody talks about them."

What people talk about, what they believe in, what they mean, and why-all of these were questions Unspeakable, but obviously for the journalists who had driven Musk out of the courtroom the moment he was fired, was that no one was talking about the pump and generator teams, because all talked about Musk and Speaking of Musk's lawyer team, that's not Musk's fault, nor was it necessarily his intention, Spiro also provided evidence that Musk's efforts by Richard Stanton, the British Cave Diver, at helped the search and rescue of the football team, were greeted.

In an e-mail thread under the subject line "This is Elon Musk" the couple corresponded via the submarine, and Musk was encouraged to continue his work with urgency. "It is definitely worth developing this system as soon as possible," wrote Stanton on 8 July. In another email, the diver said, "If you make a capsule that tightly encloses a 15-year-old boy, it fits."

The e-mails undermine the cynicism with which many in the press have absorbed the billionaire's efforts. Musk has five teenage sons, the jury learned, and his team worked on a holiday for a long time to do something that they thought might save lives.

"He denigrated our efforts in a completely wrong way," Musk said. "He said it would not work when Stanton told us it was not true, he said we were thrown out, which was wrong, he was extremely rude and scornful."

And yet, under renewed cross-examination Ms. Unsworth's lawyer, L Lin Wood, highlighted another aspect of Musk's rescue efforts. Musk replied, "Most of the things I say on Twitter are usually publicized in the press." When I write something on Twitter, it becomes

In fact.

Wood introduced dozens of tweets sent by Musk to document the construction of the submarine and its delivery to Thailand, including a video featuring SpaceX engineers Testing the Tube in a Swimming Pool Given the amount of tweets Musk had just admitted and likely to provide for press coverage, the billionaire responded defensively, "I mean, I twit Generally speaking, I have been looking for feedback from the public to see if they can suggest improvements.

"I often ask for feedback on Tesla car design, even rockets," he added. "We received a lot of feedback from Twitter on the Tesla car design."

Much of Musk's statements were based on a detailed analysis of the degree of flippancy attributed to "pedo" versus "pedo guy". and more questions about Musk's intentions when he surnamed Unsworth.

"I did not accuse Mr. Unsworth of being a pedophile," he said.

Asked by his own lawyer if anyone has asked him to clarify whether or not to accuse Unsworth of pedophilia, Musk said that he had been asked about this point for the first time when he submitted a statement in the summer of 2019. Wood returned to this point in his renewed interrogation and said, "Were you asked by a member of the media or on Twitter if you refer to pedophilia?"

Musk answered this question a little more circumspectly: "It is possible that it happened somewhere on Twitter. "

Musk ended his statement just before lunch and was followed on the booth of Jared Birchall, a financial adviser who runs Musk's private office and was responsible for commissioning a private investigator, Unsworths background investigate.

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