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End of an era in which Google founders withdraw from the parent technology

Twenty-one years after Google's creation in a messy garage in Menlo Park, California, Larry Page and Sergey Brin have abandoned the company's leadership to assume the role of "proud parents" who offer advice and support love, but not daily nagging!

Page and Brin's decision to hand over control of Google and its parent company Alphabet to longtime Lieutenant Sundar Pichai marks the end of an era for the search engine giants. They have developed their image and followed their personal values.

Your retirement from the Executive Suite is the biggest change at the top of a US technology powerhouse since Steve Jobs resigned as Chief Executive from Apple just before he died of cancer in 201

1. Bill Gates, billionaire founder of Microsoft, resigned in 2000 as managing director. Today, Jeff Bezos of Amazon is the only founding CEO of that time who still controls his business.

"Today, in 2019, If the company was a person, it would be a 21-year-old young adult, and it would be time to leave the neighborhood," Google's founders wrote in a public letter on Tuesday , "Although it has been a great privilege to be involved in the daily management of the company for so long, we believe it is time to take on the role of proud parents – offering advice and love, but not daily nagging! [19659002] "We never have a leadership role when we believe that there is a better way to run the business. And Alphabet and Google no longer need two CEOs and one president. "

Pichai, 47, who was previously Chief Executive of Google, will assume all these roles as Chief Executive of Alphabet. He owns about 0.1% of the shares of Alphabet.

"I'm excited about Alphabet's long-term focus on overcoming technology challenges," said Pichai, who has been with the firm since 2004, on Twitter. "Thanks to Larry & Sergey, we have a timeless mission, enduring values ​​and a culture of collaboration and exploration – a strong foundation upon which we will continue to build."

Sundar Pichai
(@ sundarpichai) I am pleased that In the long term, alphabet focuses on mastering major technology challenges. Thanks to Larry & Sergey, we have a timeless mission, enduring values, and a culture of collaboration and exploration – a strong foundation upon which we will continue to build. Https://t.co/tSVsaj4FsR[19659011[Dezember42019[19659012] Brin and Page, both 46, said they would continue to be actively involved as board members and major shareholders. "In addition, we plan to speak with Sundar on a regular basis, especially on topics that are particularly close to our hearts."

Page has been Alph Alphabet's CEO since the founding of the parent company in 2015 to manage all the different parts of Google "Moonshoot" companies, including flying cars and technologies to disrupt the aging process.

Brin was president of Alphabet and had already distanced himself from the daily management. For a while, Brin had moved his desk to X, the self-described "Moonfire Factory," where engineers worked on projects that were expected to fail, but which had great potential if they did not.

Together, Brin and Page Control have 51% of the voting shares of a particular class of alphabets, giving them final control over the future direction of the company. They own 11.4% of the company, worth $ 101 billion (£ 77 billion). The stock market value of Alphabet is $ 912 billion, up almost 25% this year.

According to Bloomberg Billionaire's Index, Page and Brin ranked 7th and 10th of the world's richest individuals, valued at $ 62.7 million and $ 60.9 billion, respectively.

Under Page and Brin, Google's motto was "Do not be angry." However, it was changed to "Do It Right" when Alphabet was founded in 2015.

The Company There have been a growing number of recent complaints and allegations by politicians and their own employees. Page was called before the US Intelligence Committee last year to investigate the influence of foreign powers in elections, but he did not appear.

Last week, Google fired several outspoken employees for allegedly violating their privacy policy. Some employees accused the company of trying to suppress their critics.

Thousands of employees left Google's global offices last year to protest a $ 90 million payout to former Android boss Andy Rubin, despite claiming to be believable in sexual misconduct. The Board has since begun an investigation into how executives deal with allegations of sexual misconduct.

Employees also protested against the company's contract with the US Department of Defense for Artificial Intelligence, arguing that Google should not be in the "business of war". , Google announced last year that it will not renew the contract.

Google was fined € 1.5 billion by the European Commission earlier this year for "abusive practices" on its AdSense platform, as it prevented competitors Microsoft and Yahoo from selling ads on Google results pages. This was followed by a USD 5 billion fine for anticompetitive conduct in connection with his Android mobile operating system in 2018 and a EUR 2.4 billion fine for electronic commerce violations in 2017.

The couple's reference Being a proud reference to "parental control" they brought to the company when they named the veteran Eric Schmidt from Silicon Valley as chief executive of Google in 2001, as Page and Brin still in the Twenties were and the company grew rapidly.

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